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Election comment

Post by Tony Zann » Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:51 pm

If you are one of the millions who love to throw a line out into an estuary, cast a bait into the surf as the sun is rising over the horizon or simply drop a bait down to the bottom of the ocean, please consider carefully who you cast your vote for in the upcoming election. Labor has secured the Greens’ preference vote and with the issue of marine park lockouts, both parties have a high priority to put many more of these no fishing zones in place as well as radically adding to the already existing marine park zones around Australia. Labor has been trying to fast track this through before they were interrupted by the dumping of one leader and creating a new one with the same vision. Please don’t be fooled, if Labor is returned your right to recreationally fish in your favourite waterways or your holiday destinations will be in serious doubt. The frustrating part is these Marine Parks target small coastal towns like Byron Bay, Batemans Bay and Nelson Bay, and earmark as their next conquest here on the Mid North Coast. These towns rely 100% on tourism and the dollars they bring to towns like ours. No-fishing zones do not make sense when there are a thousand things you can do for fish stock sustainability without locking up multiple areas around our country.
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