Weekly Report 26/8/11

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Weekly Report 26/8/11

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:47 pm

Some fairly ordinary weather this week slowed the fishermen down and kept outside guys in close. The northern reefs have been producing some nice pearl perch and teraglin off Grassy and Scotts Head while the odd good snapper has come out of the same locations. Fish Rock is also giving up some nice kings, with odd snapper. I’ve heard whispers of yellow fin out wide although I am yet to weigh any in, but let’s hope they’re true.
There are plenty of bream just under size along the walls being caught on mullet and other fish baits, but if you fish light with very little lead there are some thumpers amongst them and most caught on mullet. Blackfish are there but not many people are bagging out, most are getting 6-10. There were a few more flathead caught through the week so let’s hope we are turning the corner on the colder weather and water.
Tailor are about but not in big schools, if you pick a gutter along Smoky, wait till dusk and into dark the salmon turn off and a few good tailor will turn on. Bream and the odd whiting are also along Smoky and Gap but move about the gutters and holes, you’ll find the numbers are not huge. The back beach has had a school of salmon hanging around the middle of it, so this is the time to take the kids fishing for some fun. While the rocks have been tough because of the swell there are fish off them; tarwhine, salmon, drummer and tailor in reasonable numbers.
Mark and Denise Bird and Paul and Michelle Martin
Rocks Marine Bait and Tackle
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