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Report 3/7/15

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:45 pm
by subeditor
Good Snapper have been coming in off Grassy Head up to Scotts through the week. Local fisho Steve Grant weighed in some nice Snapper up to 8 kilo while another local Geoff Gardiner had a bag up to 6 kilo. A few Pearlies were about but no size to them. There were a couple of spotties caught mid-week floating baits down in 19 deg water. Kings are around Fish Rock in good numbers with the odd Snapper. The deep water guys are picking up some quality fish in 100 meter plus water.
It is still worth a throw in the river even though the big Bream are harder to find. The North Wall has been fishing well. Tide changes and light gear will get you quality Bream off the walls. Flathead, from the Boat Shed to the Jerseyville Bridge are in fair numbers with the odd Whiting still about in the shallows. Most fish,o chasing Luderick are having success on weed and the synthetic weed with some big fish amongst them.
Calm conditions through the week have made the beaches gutter less so the fishing has been tough with Smoky Beach giving up a few Tailor, Bream and Dart with a few Whiting.
It is with great sadness I learnt of the sudden passing of Les Palmer. Les has been voluntarily heavily involved with the fight for the recreational fisherman’s rights and has put his heart and soul in our cause and had some outstanding wins against the radicals and state government agencies.
He will be sadly missed.

Take care on the Bars
Paul Martin
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Re: Report 3/7/15

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:46 pm
by subeditor
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