Report 11/3/16

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Report 11/3/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:16 pm

The fishing has been fantastic. Anglers have been getting heaps of Spanish and spotty mackerel this week again. They’re big spotties too – last week they were fairly small but they’re big again. Some are up to 8kg, with quite a few between 6-7kg. The Spanish have been mainly taking live baits or whole bonito, while the spotties are being caught on slimies and pillies. The spotties are being taken as far down as Black Rock, which is unusual.

There are also good numbers of wahoo along with sailfish (I weighed a 22kg sail today). A few blacks have come in now as well. There’s a lot of bait off the wider grounds about 60m, drawing the blacks in.

There are a few kings around Fish Rock but it’s pretty quiet. It’s a different story in the river though. We’re experiencing a phenomenon at the moment where kings are coming up along the break wall as the tide rises, smashing the white bait. For four or five weeks we’ve been getting quite a few above legal kings in our river system, which is unusual. They will take a live bait or fresh squid if you can get them, but that’s not always easy. A lot of guys are getting them on 4-6” poppers.

There are a few jew around as well; I weighed in an 18kg specimen this morning caught off the wall.

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