2/6/06 Weekly Report

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2/6/06 Weekly Report

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:44 am

They say drought on land and drought in the ocean and it seems to be true at the moment because you need to work for your fish.
Outside fishing has been tough with only a few highlights. Jen Mackie from SWR hooked a 33kg cobia out of the 11-fathom reef on snapper gear – it took a while but she got it in. Kingfish have slowed down around the Fish Rock with only a few coming in. There have been pearl perch along with some snapper off the northern reefs. One or two yellowfin came in last week. Surprisingly the water is still about 21°.
The river is producing some good fish out of the crystal-clear water. Daniel Underhill, 10, hooked a cracker flathead off the boat ramp on prawn. Bream have been about on the breakwall with one fisho hooking eight quality fish in the dark on the change of the tide. Bob French fished hard through The Cut towards Stuarts Point for a handful of fair flathead. There are a few bass up river towards Frederickton.
The highlight off the beach this week (the Qld netters are still here) was Clive Burgess’ 1.390kg (cleaned) bream. Apart from a few dart and the odd tailor it is quiet off the sand. Rockhoppers are pulling in some tailor and the odd bream with fairly calm seas at the moment.
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