Report 16/12/16

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Report 16/12/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:45 pm

We have moved. We are no longer at the Gregory Street location where we have operated for the last 15 years. You will find us now at the corner of Landsborough and Memorial ave South West Rocks in the old Charlies Corner site offering the same family service and competitive prices to our locals and holiday makers.

We have had a lot of frustrated fisho,s here at the rocks because it hasn’t stopped blowing for 2 months. Today its still so a heap of guys have gone today. Last week green cold water currents came in making it tough to get productive. There were reports from Grassy and Scotts of a few Snapper and Pearlies in close but no size about them. There has been a little action around the FAD with a few Dolphin Fish but they are finicky. Fish Rock has had some great Kings around it but over the last few days only rats are about. Don’t forget the 200 meters no bait zone around the Rock because there watching it at the moment. If the southerly’s stay for a few days we may get some better water in and bring those Mackerel further down south because there not far away.

The river is producing some nice Flathead in a number of locations with some great success coming from Z man plastics which seems to be the go to lure at the moment. There have been the odd Jewfish off the Break Wall taking live bait on the tide change. Big Whiting are tough to find with reports of nice fish further up river taking worms and nippers but there are millions of the smaller units ready to smash your baits.

Rock fisho's are battling for a feed off the ledges but it should fire up over the next few weeks with the Pelagic species. If you are fishing the beaches Whiting are in good numbers off most beaches while Dart and Bream are in the wash at Smoky and Gap Beach.

Take care on the bars

Paul Martin

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