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30/6/06 Weekly Report

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 11:40 am
by Tony Zann
Welcome to all our holidaymakers, hopefully there will be a fish or two out there for you.
Blackfish in the river are on the bite with some quality fish coming in. It’s still a struggle to find green weed so if you are heading this way it might pay to bring some with you. Cooler conditions have brought better bream on the bite along the river walls. If you chase flathead there are a few around on the run out tide.
Casting a pilchard or garfish off the rocks should get you some tailor but they are not in big numbers; a few bream will fill the gap.
Mixed reports off the beaches last week with one fellow hooking a bag of whiting and bream off Smoky. There have been some tailor off the beach along with the odd salmon.
Leatherjackets are everywhere if you are fishing 50m-plus with the hot spot being Rocks in Line. Make sure you have extra tackle with you because you will need it! Snapper and pearl perch are about if you head north out wider. We had a chance to get out there late last week in fantastic conditions but I think Mark and I are out of practice. There were only a few fish in the box at the end of the day but I did get a 2.63kg pearl perch (cleaned) to make it a little more respectable.
Mark and Denise Bird and Paul and Michelle Martin , Rocks Marine Bait and Tackle 6566 6726,