Report 12/3/17

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Report 12/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:00 am

Not much to report outside this week due to those southerly winds and big seas. Over the last two days fisho’s have gone chasing spotties but the water has been green making it hard to attract any interest from a Pelagic in the warm water. Off the Jail there has been the odd Yellow Fin while down at Fish Rock there are Kings but no size in them. The FAD is holding some Dolphin Fish but the reports are of only small fish. Good results are coming in off the Wreck out from the Jail with some nice Kings and Jewfish coming out of there. Snapper were caught this weekend off Grassy but not in any numbers. Slimies are hard to find off the bait grounds, plenty of Yakkers but the Mackerel are not interested in them. Pilchards have worked on the few that were caught over the weekend. There is a change coming over the next few days with a bit of rain, hopefully things will improve.

The River Breakwall has been producing some nice Jewfish on the late afternoon incoming tides. Bream and Moses Perch are in good numbers in the same location. There are a few Flathead being caught around Clybucca and Jerseyville. There are stacks of Pike and Herring in the river for live bait ready for that big lizard.

Most of the beaches are blown out with the big seas but the best results are coming from Smoky with Whiting, Bream and Dart on worms and Pippis.

Off the Rocks, Tailor have come in with big schools of Watsons Bonito calling the bay home for a bit.

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