Report 1/2/18

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Report 1/2/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:51 pm

This week has brought us a good run of Pelagics with the warmer currents coming down the East Coast. Marlin are in fair numbers with some nice Blacks in close and the odd Striped and Blue out wider. The FAD has been producing Dolphin Fish on a daily basis. Cobia and Wahoo have been patchy mainly being caught south of Fish Rock. Who knows what’s happened to the Spotties and Spanish Mackerel maybe there will be some action with the next batch of good water. It has been tough to pull anything off the bottom apart from the odd pan size Snapper. There were a few King Fish around the Rock but nothing to get excited about yet. Live bait were easier to get let’s hope they stay around for the return of the magical Mackerel.

The river has a heap of GTs at the moment while the Flathead are still in good numbers throughout the system. The Walls have small Bream biting their heads off with the big units few and far between. Mangrove Jack are haunting those walls and I saw a trophy fish caught by one of our locals (sorry no names) It was the best Jack I have seen in our river, so there out there, you just got to find them. With the high highs and low lows the moon event caused the river was hard to fish and hold bottom.

Most Beaches are producing good Whiting while Smoky and Gap have Dart and Bream and the odd Tailor coming in as well.

Paul Martin

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