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Report 3/7/18

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:34 pm
by Nicole Penfold
This past week has seen more of the usual winter fare weather wise, with cool winds and a decent drop of rain early in the week for good measure. Just the sort of conditions to get the fish biting.

In the estuary, blackfish numbers and quality remain consistent, with most locations in the lower reaches producing fish in varying degrees. Greenweed has seen the better results although cabbage and weed flies have also worked well. Bream numbers have been excellent considering the full moon, with fish to around a kilo taken from both break walls after dark. Mullet strips have been particularly successful. Best results during daylight hours have been achieved by lure enthusiasts, with soft vibes and blades both working well. Flathead numbers have been solid with good fish taken between Settlement Point and Rawdon Island. Whitebait has been the bait of choice although lures too are producing fish. There have also been a few nice mulloway about, with the break walls, rowing club and highway bridges all holding nice fish to around 15 kilos. And good news on the Lake Cathie front as well, with dredging now complete and the lake scheduled for opening later this month after the redeposited sand settles. As is usually the case, look for some great action in the days and weeks after being opened.

Off the rocks, drummer numbers remain solid as long as you can locate an area which is well washed out. Many of the drummer enthusiasts are complaining that their favoured ledges are sanded up, although a few have been enjoying great results having found washed out locations. Naturally they are very reluctant to pass on location details. By all reports though, cunjevoi has been the bait of choice with burley essential to keep the fish biting. Also off the rocks, bream remain solid with the quality quite pleasing, with the same applying to blackfish. Best reports on both of these species have come from locations north of town. Tailor however have been a little quiet, although this is not to be unexpected given the terrific early run we have enjoyed over recent months.

Off the beaches, results have been a little below expectations of late. Mulloway numbers have been down, although a few school sized fish were taken from north beach over the past week. Lighthouse has produced a few bream and the odd salmon, while the better tailor action has again been seen on the beaches around the Camden Haven area.

On the offshore front, results have been a little mixed as is often the case over a full moon period. Best results were during the afternoons leading up to the moon, with a few nice snapper and teraglin on offer. Look for morning sessions to now produce the goods, with snapper, pearl perch and kingfish all worth chasing. If you are simply after a feed, leather jackets are again about in reasonable numbers once you head wider than about 60 metres.

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