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Report 7/8/18

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:57 pm
by Nicole Penfold
As of 1 September 2018, NSW Fisheries regulations in respect to mulloway will change. For recreational fishers, the minimum size limit remains unchanged at 70cm, but the bag limit decreases from 2 to 1. For commercial fishers, the previously allowed possession of up to 10 fish ranging from 45 to 70cm has been abolished.

No doubt this change will see mixed reactions from the angling community, with some fully supportive and others disappointed by the fact that recreational limits have been cut while unrestricted commercial beach hauling for the species is still allowed. At the end of the day, any recreational angler who lands a legal mulloway should be pleased with their efforts and end up with a substantial amount for fish to take home, although it could lead to very brief sessions should mulloway be your only target.

Onto what’s been happening locally, in the estuary, blackfish remain consistent with some nice fish taken from both the break walls in Port, and in Lake Cathie. Greenweed and flies have both worked well. A few solid bream have also come from both of these locations. Plenty of flathead further upstream on both lures and baits, with the stretch between the Dennis Bridge and Settlement Point again producing the more consistent results. Lake Cathie has also produced a few reasonable winter whiting, with beach worms and yabbies both seeing success.

Off the beaches, the have been some reasonable bream active on North Beach however not in huge numbers. Along with the bream, salmon to well over 3 kilos have also been taken. Few reports however on tailor apart from the odd few around Lake Cathie, although the tides this weekend are favourable. On the mulloway front, reports have been slow however again, the tides this weekend are terrific for an evening session.

Off the rocks, drummer remain worth chasing although once again, the key is locating the washed out ledges. Drummer are one species that do not like stirred up sand in the water, with catches in such conditions rare. Best reports of late have come from well south of Port. Also off the rocks, tailor numbers remain reasonable with Hat Head worth prospecting. Locally, Lighthouse and Miners are worth a look for both bream and blackfish.

Offshore, snapper remain excellent as is usually the case at this time of year. There have also been some terrific kingfish to over 10 kilos in around 60m off Plomer, with both jigs and live baits successful. Pearl perch and teraglin have also been on offer, while the slightly deeper flathead grounds have produced a good grade of fish to around 60cm.

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