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Report 6/11/18

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:18 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Looks like we are in for a bit more breeze and unsettled weather before our standard summer weather patterns finally settle in. Standard November fare for the mid north coast I guess. Irrespective, some great angling remains on offer, with the estuary and beaches in particular fishing very well for this time of year.

In the estuaries, flathead and whiting remain the dominate species as is usually the case at this time of year. Flathead can be found pretty well throughout the entire system with both lures and whitebait providing plenty of action. Best results on whiting have come from Lake Cathie, with anglers throwing small poppers or pencil type lures doing particularly well despite the system now being closed. In the Hastings, the back channel and Blackmans Point are probably your best bets although Limeburners to has been producing some nice sized whiting. On the blackfish front, the break walls and around Settlement Point are still producing a few fish in surprising good condition for this time of year. Greenweed, sea cabbage and weed flies have all been successful. On the crustacean scene, preliminary investigations at Lake Cathie have revealed quite a few prawns getting about, but their size appears to be another month or two away from what we would like to see. Let’s hope we see better season than in recent years. For crabbing enthusiasts, muddies are still quite active in the Hastings albeit in mixed size and condition.

On the beaches, north beach has been fishing particularly well for school mulloway, with consistent numbers of fish around the metre mark. Beach worms have been the bait of choice although don’t be afraid to offer a slab bait of tailor or even salmon should you prefer to target a larger grade of fish. Along with the mulloway, a few bream and whiting have been on offer off both Lighthouse and North beach, while the odd tailor and salmon have been on the beaches throughout the Camden haven area.

Off the rocks, there are still a few drummer about despite the seasonal build up of sand. Point Perpendicular and Diamond head are both worth visiting, with the latter also holding some nice blackfish. To the north, Plomer and Big Hill have both yielded a few bream and blackfish, while a few tailor have been taken locally, with Lighthouse once again the pick of locations.

On the offshore front, anglers are still being frustrated by the constant winds, with the better conditions, as usual, being mid week. Funny how this works. Those who have been out are still scoring good snapper, with the reefs of Plomer fishing well. A few pearl perch, teraglin and occasional kingfish have also been taken off the bottom, while the FAD has held spasmodic numbers of mahi mahi and juvenile kingfish. Wider out again, game fishing enthusiasts should be in with a good chance of both blue and striped marlin, as long as the weather and warm currents are favourable.

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