Weekly Report 13/06/07

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Weekly Report 13/06/07

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:10 am

On the beaches, little opportunities have existed, courtesy of the southerly winds and swell, although those keen to fish the more sheltered north-facing beaches have been rewarded with some solid bream. With good tides and no moon this weekend, bream angling should be excellent. Before the blow came, a few tailor were taken from Lighthouse although not in great numbers, while beaches to the south started to produce multiple numbers of salmon. By all reports there were massive schools moving up the coast before the weather turned sour and it will be only weeks until our coastline is completely infested. Mulloway remain elusive although once the seas settle, chasing schoolies or better could prove worthwhile. Remember, a beach with only one or two formations is always better than a myriad of possible locations from one headland to the next.
Off the rocks, the swells have limited opportunities significantly, with the more sheltered locations having excellent bream numbers. Drummer have improved and with a significant amount of sand now on the move, look to target these bruisers from your traditional locations once the seas settle. The amount of food washed off the stones as a result of the rough seas will only prime the pigs’ appetite further. There are still plenty of tailor about but access to the ledges where the better quality greenbacks are generally caught has been limited. When the seas settle the action should be excellent.
In the estuary, bream numbers have improved dramatically with both main break walls, the coal wall and Limeburners all producing quality bags. Strip baits of mullet or mackerel, gut bait or yabbies have proven successful. This weekend’s terrific tides should see some top action for those keen to fish the evening high tide. Blackfish numbers too have picked up with plenty of bronzies moving into the estuary during the rough seas. The coming few weeks should be excellent. Plenty of flatties still on offer, with whitebait and yabbies achieving results while lure-tossers are enjoying continued success. Crabbers are still reporting plenty of muddies.
Outside opportunities have naturally been limited but once the seas settle, the action can be terrific, particularly from the closer reefs. Best bets would be to target snapper in 30m or closer or head out to the flattie grounds in around 55m.
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