Weekly Report 27/06/07

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Weekly Report 27/06/07

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:16 am

Off the rocks, drummer numbers are as good as we have seen since 2000, with bag limit catches common. The often overlooked ledges around Port have been firing, with Lighthouse, Shelleys, Miners, Blueface and Rockies all producing fish, while those travelling to Plomer, Point Perpendicular and even Diamond Head also report excellent results. While cunjevoi, yabbies and even bread have accounted for their fair share of fish, you can’t go past abalone gut when the pigs are on the chew. Big greenback tailor remain in excellent numbers, with lures, garfish and pillies all proving successful. Bream numbers and quality remain excellent although the upcoming moon may see the morning sessions more productive than after dark. For blackfish enthusiasts, there are big schools of bronzies hanging around most washes, so floating a bit of cabbage should be rewarded but don’t be surprised if the masses of pigs take great delight in smashing up conventional luderick gear.
Off the beaches, conditions have not been ideal with the constant swells allowing very limited access. Those who have persisted have been well rewarded with excellent bream to well over a kilo and tailor to around 3 kilos. North Beach has been the pick of locations but Lighthouse has produced when conditions allow. If the swells settle in the near future I expect beach angling in general to be about as good as it gets.
In the estuary, blackfish numbers are as good as they been all year with the south wall producing consistent results, although the north wall and coal wall are well worth a go. Bream numbers and quality remain excellent, with the walls fishing particularly well after dark or during dawn sessions. Pretty well anything will catch fish in varying numbers but mullet, blackfish or chicken gut on a 1/0 chemically sharpened suicide hook and minimal lead will prove a deadly combination. With plenty of fish in the lower reaches, the upcoming full moon could very well see the breakwalls worth a look if you are serious about tangling with a big mulloway.
Little to report from offshore as you expect with conditions ordinary at best on most days. Once the seas settle, get to the ramp early as the action both at the ramp and beyond the bar should be red hot.
Jason and Virginia Isaac, Ned Kelly’s Bait and Tackle 6583 8318 jasned@ozemail.com.au

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