Weekly Report 15/8/07

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Weekly Report 15/8/07

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:17 pm

In the estuary, blackfish numbers remain above average with the breakwalls continuing to fish well while Limeburners and the Maria are both worth a look. Lake Cathie also continues to produce but with the vast numbers being removed daily, the action will only last for so long. It would seem some have either exceptionally large extended families, or need to stockpile sustenance for the decade ahead. Also in the estuaries, some nice lizards to around 2 kilos have continued to be caught throughout the Hastings over the past week, with whitebait proving by far the premier bait. On the bream scene, the breakwalls and coal wall have responded to the optimum tides at present, with several good bags to fish over a kilo taken. Chicken and mullet gut have proven particularly successful, as have live yabbies.
Off the beaches, some terrific tailor have been about, highlighted by Jim Green’s terrific greenback of well over 4 kilos, taken from North Beach on a pilchard. We have also weighed several fish close to this mark from a variety of locations, which indicates the fish are well spread. Multiple catches have been common but don’t expect a bagful of fish in this class. A few bream over a kilo have also been around but the better catches have been from around Crescent Head. Still no reports of mulloway numbers despite tidal and lunar conditions being optimum over the past week. Salmon numbers are solid without being spectacular.
Off the rocks, our best drummer season in years rolls on but the lack of whitewater has seen some days a bit more challenging than others. Abalone gut continues to account for the best results. Tailor numbers have been down a little but the quality remains better than average. Lighthouse has been fishing well over the past week, but a trip to Hat Head or Crescent Head has generally been rewarded with better results. Plenty of blackfish for those willing throw a bit of cabbage around, while night anglers have been achieving some quality bream from Plomer and Lighthouse. Groper chasers have also been enjoying the relatively flat seas, with the terrific number of bumper fish on offer testament to the sound regulations imposed by NSW Fisheries on this once almost extinct species. Makes you wonder why we need marine parks when this simple logic has proven to work in repopulating a species that was all but wiped out many years ago.
Offshore, leatherjackets are still around and if anything, the average size has increased with plenty of 40cm-plus specimens gracing ice boxes. If you can miss the jackets, some nice pearl perch to around 3 kilos have been taken off Plomer along with good numbers of morwong and a few solid snapper. If you are keen on chasing some great reds, your best bet will be to target reefs in less than 30m using plastics or anchoring with plenty of berley and live bait.
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