Weekly report 30/08/07

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Weekly report 30/08/07

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Aug 29, 2007 3:28 pm

On the beaches, the big swells have seen limited opportunities until the early part of week with all but the protected corners close to unfishable. Now the seas have settled, there should be some excellent opportunities as long as you can find a formation, no matter how small, which hasn’t been flattened. Best bets would be to head north where Crescent Head continues to hold excellent numbers of quality bream as well a few big greenback tailor. Closer to home, Lighthouse Beach has been producing a few nice bream, particularly from the northern end. Salmon are pretty well everywhere by now and, if nothing else, provide excellent sport on light gear. Those keen on chasing mulloway should also be out this weekend as the combination of big seas having just backed down, estuaries beginning to clear and optimum tides and lunar conditions could well prove rewarding. Best bet would be to fish close to an estuary mouth if the water contains any reasonable formations.
Off the rocks, drummer should be the primary target now that the seas allow safe access to pretty well all ledges. Before the big seas, divers reported stacks of big pigs and abalone gut or cunjevoi should prove rewarding. There are some terrific tailor from around Point Plomer and Hat Head with 2kg-plus fish quite common. Bream numbers have been excellent but with the full moon about, the morning tides would most likely provide the better results.
In the estuary, the water is beginning to clean up after the fresh of last week and angling is beginning to return to its normal patterns. During the period when the river was at its dirtiest, the south wall produced a consistent trickle of mulloway action, albeit not as hot as when the dirt first came down. Best results were achieved with big, hard rattling lures fished around the point where the clean and dirty water met. By all reports, the fish lost vastly outnumbered those landed. Also during the dirt, blackfish numbers and quality were excellent around the co-op but black weed was essential. Bream numbers have been excellent, particularly from the north wall and coal wall, with gut baits proving the choice. Now the river is beginning to clean up, fishing should remain excellent, particularly in the lower reaches.
Boats have just managed to get back offshore and early reports indicate great bottom bashing. Snapper to around 3 kilos have been taken off Lake Cathie, along with some nice pearl perch. Wider out, the leatherjackets are still common but the size is excellent and they’re well worth chasing for a good feed.
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