Weekly Report 7/3/08

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Weekly Report 7/3/08

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:57 pm

In the estuaries, bream numbers remain above average in the lower reaches, as they have been for several weeks now thanks to the solid rainfall enjoyed of late. With good evening tides and no moon about at present, the break walls and Limeburners should produce good results right about now. Flathead remain a viable target for daytime anglers, with the shallows around Pelican Island fishing particularly well with either lures or whitebait. With the water clarity now beginning to improve further upstream, either the lower section of the Maria or around Rawdon Island will also be worth a look. On the whiting front, results in the Hastings remain below par as they have been pretty well all season, and with Lake Cathie now closed again, the action down there will also begin to slow considerably unless mother nature intervenes and the lake opens itself once again.
Just on the subject of Lake Cathie, this current dark produced the best run of prawns for some time, albeit still not quite the quality the lake is capable of producing. With the entrance again shut, the size of the prawns should improve a grade again over the next couple of months, and as such, I would expect to see a sharp increase in drag net activity next dark.
On the beaches, the signs are encouraging with water clarity and baitfish activity both improving, although as has been the case for some time, the seas and winds have not been at all favourable. On the odd days when conditions allow, some excellent bream have been on offer, together with a few solid whiting and better than average numbers of reasonable flathead. Tailor however remain most disappointing from the sand, apart from the odd reasonable morning session from around Diamond Head. If we can get a period of settled seas and weather, I would expect the action to improve noticeably, as the bait fish move closer to shore for shelter, and predators of course follow hot on their heels.
Off the rocks, the local land based game scene is off and running, with ledges both at Hat Head and Point Perpendicular producing a few longtail tuna and the odd cobia. Whilst there are presently plenty of garfish about, and heaps of pelagics being sighted, hook ups are frustratingly difficult to achieve but I guess that is the land based game scene in a nutshell. Patience and perseverance are the keys to success in this field. Elsewhere of the rocks, bream numbers are excellent, particularly from around Point Plommer, whilst tailor chasers are reporting better results than that achieved off the beaches. Good numbers of drummer are also about, as they have been all summer, with the signs for the season ahead most encouraging for diehard pig enthusiasts.
On the offshore scene, fishing has been reasonable although the strong current from the north has been a pest. For those bottom bouncing, a few snapper have been about off Plommer, along with the usual mixed bag including mid sized kingfish and a few pearl perch. On the pelagic scene, Barries Bay has been well worth a look with a few cobia and longtail tuna on offer. And with plenty of baitfish in and around the bay, don’t be surprised if something substantially larger takes an interest in your live baits.
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