Weekly Report 4/6/08

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Weekly Report 4/6/08

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:39 am

Of the rocks, there are plenty of tailor about with a few fish well above the chopper class for those fishing the more easterly points. Once the current big seas settle, don’t be at all surprised if more larger greenbacks start cruising the washes looking for an easy meal. Bream numbers to have been excellent with Point Plomer and headlands further north giving up a few top bags. Drummer numbers continue to pick up and the recent stir-up will only further enhance this trend. In the absence of abalone gut, cunjevoi will be the bait of choice. Plenty of blackfish still around the washes, with fish to around a kilo eagerly taking cabbage baits by day, and lightly weighted yabbies during the darker hours.
In the estuaries, flathead have been quite consistent with good fish taken on bait and lures from most points between Rawdon Island and the breakwalls. Bream numbers off the walls have been consistent if not spectacular but don’t be surprised if the big seas earlier this week trigger a significant improvement. Many bream enthusiasts will recall the stellar sessions last year immediately following a big winter sea, and I’m sure plenty will also recall the steady stream of snapper which accompanied them. While not normally a target from many land-based locations around Port, the conditions of earlier this week are precisely when you are likely to encounter one of these breakwall bonuses. Blackfish numbers have finally picked up a little, much to the relief of local enthusiasts. Don’t be surprised if the big seas trigger the entry of the masses of bronzies which have been hanging around the rocks for some time.
On the beaches, the big seas earlier this week were most unwelcome. Before the blow, tailor numbers were as good as we have seen all year, although most fish were just in the chopper class. Bream numbers and quality to had just shown significant improvement, particularly on the morning tides from Lighthouse and further south. Mulloway numbers remain disappointing.
Offshore anglers have been enjoying some reasonable results when conditions allow, with most fish boxes containing good mixed catches. Bottom bashers have managed some solid snapper with a few solid pearl perch and mid-size kingfish. As is becoming the trend nowadays, plastics are accounting for the better numbers of quality reds. A few leatherjackets are also starting to get about, so make sure wire and long-shank hooks or expect to donate a large portion of your terminal tackle.
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