Weekly Report 11/6/08

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Weekly Report 11/6/08

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Jun 11, 2008 11:45 am

On the beaches, limited opportunities have existed courtesy of the southerly winds, large swell and massive evening tides of last week. Those who have ventured out have been scoring some terrific bream to a kilo, with around the entrance of Lake Cathie and the very top of Lighthouse Beach fishing particularly well. The beaches around Crescent Head have also held some nice fish. Conditions have not been conducive for great access to the better tailor water, but there have been plenty of choppers during the evening from the deeper sections adjoining most headlands. Those fishing the darker hours have also encountered the odd much better greenback taking larger baits intended for mulloway, which remain as elusive as they have been all year.
Off the rocks, the swells have limited opportunities with the more sheltered locations the places to fish. Bream numbers have been excellent and should further improve. Drummer numbers have improved significantly and should continue so once that water drops a few degrees. The amount of food washed off the stones as a result of the recent rough seas will only prime the pigs. There are still plenty of tailor about but access to the ledges has been limited. There must also be plenty of blackfish about the washes, as an anonymous former tackle shop proprietor who was once renowned for his disdain of everything associated with this species has now switched over to the dark side and by all reports is practising the genteel art of luderick angling with a passion!
In the estuary, bream numbers have improved dramatically with both main breakwalls, the Coal Wall and Limeburners producing nice fish. No doubt the fresh of last week has significantly contributed to this improvement. Strip baits of mullet or mackerel, gut bait or yabbies have all proven successful. Blackfish numbers have picked up with plenty of bronzies moving into the estuary during the rough seas. Those using black weed fared well when the river was most off colour but traditional green weed will be the go when the clarity improves. The fresh saw a small slice of mulloway action from both breakwalls with lures the weapon of choice. The tales of sadness greatly outnumbered actual successes.
Outside opportunities have been limited for the best part of a week but once the seas settle, the action can be terrific, particularly from the closer reefs. Best bets would be to target snapper in 30m or closer with bait or plastics or head out to the flattie ground in around 55m for a guaranteed feed.
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