Weekly Report 3/9/08

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Weekly Report 3/9/08

Post by Tony Zann » Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:58 am

On the beaches, salmon remain common and show no signs of disappearing any time soon. For those seeking something edible, a few nice bream are about although generally not in huge numbers with Lighthouse fishing as well as anywhere. Tailor remain elusive, as are mulloway. Again the subject of beach hauling has raised its ugly head, this time as a result of another substantial mulloway haul from not too far south of here. No one begrudges licensed commercial fishermen from earning a living; remember, they have a demand to meet, families to support and most have outlaid considerable dollars in acquiring their endorsements and equipment. However, this particular practice, whether it involves bream, mullet or mulloway, is arguably the least sustainable form of commercial angling still permitted as it predominately targets mass congregations of these species during their spawning runs. In an age in which declining aquatic resources are creating major concerns, the time has certainly come for this practice to cease. The long-term benefits of allowing any fish species to complete its annual spawning run seems obvious, especially considering the potential breeding capabilities of the tonnes netted during these times. Why the issue of buying back these licenses has not been addressed by the relevant fisheries ministers at state or Commonwealth level is difficult to comprehend. It would not endanger day-to-day market supply, yet would ultimately prolong long-term commercial sustainability of the relevant species.
Off the rocks, drummer remain reasonably consistent with a few fish on offer for those willing to put in the time. Most local ledges are producing but the key as always is to be prepared to be mobile, and of course berley heavily. Blackfish also remain excellent, with some solid fish being snared locally and around Point Perpendicular. Tailor numbers remain below par although may improve in the lead up to the full moon. For groper, now is just about prime time, although scoring a flat sea in which to access the better ledges is likely to the major hurdle.
In the estuary, flathead are the big improvers, with excellent catch rates across the board. Whitebait and yabbies have been the pick of the baits, while those throwing lures have also enjoyed considerable success. Bream are somewhat shy and not expected to improve in the short term unless we get some decent rain and a bit of colour in the river. Both walls continue to fish well for blackfish, while Limeburners and the Maria have also produced some quality bags. A few solid whiting are also getting about Limeburners and Blackmans Point, with yabbies and worms the baits of choice.
Outside reports remain most encouraging. Boats fishing close report good numbers of snapper as well as pearl perch, with the number of pearlies taken from less than 30m better than anyone can recall. Wider out, the jackets have begun to disperse to a tolerable level, while wider still, a few yellowfin tuna are worthy targets for those partial to a bit of game fishing.
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