Weekly Report 25/6/09

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Weekly Report 25/6/09

Post by Tony Zann » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:09 am

On the beaches, big seas and big tides have led to even further erosion on the more exposed stretches of sand, with long-term beach anglers struggling to recall ever seeing coastal erosion at this level. While summer will no doubt see a fair portion of sand return to the coastline, it will most likely take more than one season to see the beaches restored to their usual level. However, once the seas settled earlier in the week, some terrific bream were on offer. The northern corner of Lighthouse, as well as around Lake Cathie, produced fish. Those throwing worms are still encountering the odd school mulloway although not to the extent of recent months. Tailor action has hit the wall, courtesy of the dirty water, and salmon numbers are on the rise. With the water temperature having dropped a couple of degrees in the last week, it won’t be long until salmon again outnumber all other target species combined.
Off the rocks, tailor have slowed as expected with the dirty water, but the odd greenback is still showing up. Once a degree of clarity returns, chasing these better fish could well pay dividends. Bream numbers have been solid, particularly at night, while the recent drop in water temperatures will no doubt see drummer numbers improve sharply. As with the tailor, pigs are rarely red hot in dirty water which is interesting, seeing as they generally thrive in turbulent environments where visibility is often poor. Good numbers of blackfish are about as they have been pretty well all year to date.
In the estuary, while the Hastings fell short of another official flood, you would call what we received a significant fresh. Some species fired whilst others shut down. Off the breakwalls, quite a few mulloway were encountered although tales of missed opportunities outnumbered successes. Hard-bodied lures have been weapons of choice during these types of conditions. Also in the lower reaches, bream and blackfish numbers have been excellent despite the dirty water. Best results on the blackfish have been with yabbies or black weed, with the co-op and surrounds producing fish. Once the water clarity improves, the blackfish season should be in full swing. For bream enthusiasts the same locations, as well as the breakwalls, have yielded fish on gut baits, yabbies and prawns.
Outside, nothing to report from last weekend but with the seas now beginning to back down, the latter part of the week should see a few vessels begin to venture back out. Unless you plan to stay close in chasing snapper, I suggest taking plenty of wire as the recent drop in water temperature will most likely see a significant influx of leatherjackets to the wider locations.
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