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Weekly Report 11/11/11

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:24 pm
by Tony Zann
In the estuary, flathead and whiting remain the dominant species Flathead can be found pretty throughout the system with lures and whitebait providing results. Best whiting continue to come from Lake Cathie, with daytime anglers throwing all manner of surface lures doing particularly well. Live prawns or worms are the bait of choice at night. This moon could prove rewarding for mulloway enthusiasts, with a live mullet well worth throwing, particularly around the change of tide. Best bream results have been achieved by those throwing lures, with the lower section of the Maria and up around Rawdon Island well worth a look.
On the beaches, we are still seeing a steady trickle of bream around 700g from North Beach. Lighthouse is still producing a few reasonable whiting despite the cool water, with live worms around the shallow sand spits the best plan of attack. Using the same approach after dark, with marginally upgraded tackle, you will be a big chance for school mulloway. When fishing high tide, don’t be afraid to target mulloway from these shallow spits, as the presence of whitewater provides perfect feeding conditions for mulloway as well.
Off the rocks, some reasonable bream have been taken from around Point Plomer along with the odd tailor and drummer. Point Perpendicular has also fished quite well for drummer and blackfish, while Diamond Head is worth a look for a groper while the seas are down and before the nor-’easters begin to fill the more productive ledges with sand.
Offshore angling remains hit and miss primarily due to the cool water. Apart from the odd day last week when we saw 19° to 22° water and a bit of current, most days there has been little run and 17°. Despite this, catches over the past week have not been too bad, with a few reasonable snapper close off the lighthouse, some teraglin, kingfish and pearl perch around Trag Rock and even a couple of john dory.
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