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Weekly Report 18/03/14

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:34 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Results have been a little hit and miss over the past week which is not uncommon at this time of year. Flathead have been reasonable although there are plenty of juveniles in amongst the better quality fish. Bream numbers have been better up river as they have been for some time now, although look for improvement in the lower reaches as the current big moon begins to wane. On the blackfish front, results remain mixed with those using cabbage in lieu of greenweed achieving the better results. On the mulloway front, the recent full moon phase saw a couple of nice taken from both north and south break walls, with live mullet the bait of choice. For those looking for a bit of light line fun, by all reports there are plenty of mullet and garfish in the lower reaches at present, with small hooks, a light float and a bit of bread all that is required.

The increased swell late last week did no favours, especially for those keen on chasing mulloway during the lead up to the moon. Although the odd fish was about with North Beach giving up a few schoolies, chasing the better models from the preferred stretches of sand was virtually impossible. Before the swell arrived, tailor were in terrific numbers from Lighthouse, albeit primarily in the chopper class, whilst a few bream and whiting remained on offer from around Lake Cathie. There have also been a few isolated reports of red weed from our area which is never a good sign, however hopefully the winds and currents will prove favourable and the bulk of this scourge will not inundate us like in years past.

Tailor numbers remain consistent for those out at dawn or dusk, with pilchards and lures equally successful. Those spinning with small metal slugs have also been doing well on bonito. Lighthouse locally has produced good numbers of both species, as too has Point Plommer. On the land based game scene, a few long tail tuna have begun to show up at the usual haunts. Hopefully the recent influx of warm blue water hangs around for a while to allow an extended opportunity to chase these prized sports fish. For those keen on chasing an early season drummer, Miners locally would be well worth a look, especially after the next decent southerly blow.

The current has been screaming during the past week, which has seen Barries Bay fire up again. Along with the current, the close in water temperature has risen to near 25 degrees, the colour has improved considerably and the fish have duly co operated. Spanish Mackerel, spotties, cobia and long tail tuna are all viable targets, with both live Baits and lures both successful. Wider out, mahi mahi and marlin also remain active. On the bottom fishing scene, the currents have made life difficult, although those chasing snapper on the close in reefs off Lighthouse and Lake Cathie have enjoyed moderate success.

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