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Report 30/09/14

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:52 pm
by Nicole Penfold
In the estuary, flathead continue to improve with good numbers of fish now on offer from most locations. While there seems to heaps of undersize models readily taking both prawns and whitebait, those throw larger plastics and hard bodied lures are encountering some cracking lizards over 80cm, as well as fair sprinkling of school mulloway ranging from around 50cm through to a meter. Some reasonable whiting are also now beginning to show up at several locations downstream of the Dennis Bridge. Live worms and yabbies will be the best bet on the bait front, whilst surface lures should begin to come into their own over the coming weeks. Bream remain somewhat quiet although the north wall produced a few nice fish during evening sessions. Best results in the daylight hours have been achieved by the lure enthusiasts. As you would expect at this time of year, blackfish numbers have begun to slow a little, however some good fish to around a kilo remain on offer for those willing to put in the time. By all reports, the artificial weed, or greenweed flies, have been particularly successful much to the surprise of the luderick purists.

On the crustacean front, Lake Cathie has begun to shown signs that that this year could be excellent for those seeking a feed of prawns. As such, I expect a high level of participation early next dark. Alternately, the Hastings crabbing scene is continuing to please, with blue swimmers and muddies both on offer, as they have been for pretty well all of 2014. Hopefully this will continue throughout the summer months.

On the beaches, some nice bream to around a kilo have been taken although not in big numbers, together with a few early season whiting. Tailor remain elusive and the best we can now hope for is for the Christmas run to show up early. A few salmon are also on offer, but nowhere near the levels seen in past seasons. On the mulloway front, Lighthouse has been the pick of locations, with pretty well the entire length producing fish to around a meter, mainly on worms although whole squid has also worked well.

Off the rocks, tailor remain quiet although a few fish have been snared upon daylight on both pillies and lures. Drummer reports have been as good as they have been all year, with both Plomer to the north and Diamond Head to the south fishing well. Prawns, cunjevoi and hermit crabs have all proven successful. Blackfish numbers remain quite solid as they have been all year, whilst evening and dawn sessions are still yielding some reasonable bream. Also off the rocks, some good sized groper remain active, with Point Perpendicular and Diamond Head providing some nice fish when conditions allow access to the deeper ledges. Crabs of course, are essential.

On the offshore scene, snapper numbers have been solid with plenty of fish to around 7 kilos on offer. Best results have been achieved by those fishing soft plastics, with pretty well all reef areas worth a look. Also offshore, a few solid kingfish and samsonfish have been on offer from the wider reefs, whilst those fishing the shelf have been scoring the odd marlin and yellowfin tuna to around 30 kilos. Looks like it could be a cracking game season ahead.

Jason and Virginia Isaac
Ned Kelly’s Bait and Tackle
(02) 6583 8318

Re: Report 30/09/14

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:52 pm
by Nicole Penfold
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