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Report 13/1/16

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:56 am
by Nicole Penfold
On the offshore scene, as is usually the case at this time of year, the Golden Lure has been the focus of the week. Last weekend saw reasonable action considering the distinct lack of current, with quite a few blue and black marlin encountered, together with a sprinkling of sharks, mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna. Those who located bait schools and were prepared to persevere seemed to achieve the better results. By all reports the current has picked up again this week seeing a marked increase in fish activity, so I expect some terrific results over the final two days.

Also offshore, bottom fishing over the past week has been a little hit and miss, with the current or lack thereof on a few days no doubt contributing the slower periods. Those who have ventured out continue to encounter a steady trickle of snapper with the reefs off Plomer seeing the better results, with fish caught in depths ranging from 15 meters out to 90 metres. Those fishing the wider reefs also scored some terrific teraglin, along with some cracking pearl perch. Nannygai have also been in solid numbers although getting a reason grade has been the challenge. Also on offer have been a few Sampson fish, morwong and mulloway, while the flathead grounds have been a reliable location for those simply seeking a feed.

In the estuaries, Lake Cathie has been alive with whiting following the opening, with anglers shoulder to shoulder most days. Whilst it has been great to see nearly everyone getting onto the fish, it is somewhat disappointing to hear repeated stories of greed among a select few. Just remember folks, most species now carry a possession limit which includes what you possess at home. In the Hastings, whiting numbers have picked up considerably as is normally case when the water begins to clear after a fresh. Limeburners, the Back Channel and the Maria are all worth a go on either worms, yabbies or lures, with some cracking fish to over 600 grams on offer. Bream numbers too have been quite solid, with areas upstream around Rawdon Island continuing to fare well for lure enthusiasts, whilst night time bait fisho’s have been scoring some nice fish from the break walls and up Limeburners. Flathead numbers are as thick as they have been all summer, with plenty of good fish eagerly taking both lures and baits from most point between Wauchope and Port. Good to hear a few more reports of the larger break wall fish being released, and far fewer being kept. Still quite a few school mulloway throughout the system, with the break walls seeing a consistent supply of fish to around 8 kilos taking both live baits and whole squid.

Off the rocks, reports have ranged from poor to encouraging depending upon where and when you went. In general, Point Plomer has been holding some nice blackfish and a reasonable sprinkling of tailor, whilst locally Shelleys and Lighthouse have both produced bream. Still no real news locally for land based game enthusiasts although the water temperature in encouraging, and baitfish numbers are on the improve. Hopefully it is only a matter of time now.

Off the beaches, locally results have been average with only the odd bream and whiting on offer during daylight hours. During the evening, school mulloway remain common although bait requirements are high due the hoards of stingrays which are also particularly partial to beach worms. On the tailor front, whilst the local beaches remain a little spasmodic, we have heard encouraging reports from around Dunbogan to the south and Crescent Head to the north. Perhaps we too may see an improvement on this front now the water has begun to clear nicely.

Jason and Virginia Isaac
Ned Kelly’s Bait and Tackle
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