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Report 30/3/17

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:07 am
by Nicole Penfold
Although it’s shaping up as a rather damp and breezy weekend ahead, as a whole the mid north coast is slowly returning to normality after the big wet a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this latest downpour wont throw too big a spanner in the works locally. From and angling perspective this is a time of plenty, with terrific opportunities now on offer in most parts with the exception of the more up river locations.

On the beaches, some attractive formations are now beginning to reappear after most features were somewhat flattened a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this latest big southerly sea doesn’t alter the landscape too significantly. Bream numbers have been terrific from all beaches with the southern end of North Beach as good as anywhere. School mulloway numbers have also been excellent from both North Beach and Lighthouse. Lighthouse has also been holding some reasonable tailor which is pleasing to see.

Off the rocks, tailor numbers have picked up considerably in line with the water clarity now on the improve. Lighthouse has been terrific as to Plomer and Big Hill. Bream have also been consistent from most headlands and should further improve over the coming weeks. On the land based game front, Long tail tuna are certainly viable targets, with Point Perpendicular well worth a visit if this is your style of fishing.

In the estuary, bream have been terrific in most locations throughout the lower reaches. The dirtier water during daylight hours has been producing just as well as after dark, with mullet strips or gut the baits of choice. Flathead numbers remain reasonable in the lower section, whilst garfish schools are now abundant around the police station and Pelican Island. Reports have also come in of plenty of mullet moving into the lower reaches, with their annual seaward migration now not too far off. On the mulloway front, the break walls and surrounds have fished really well as is often the case when there is plenty of colour in the water. While most fish have been in the school category, the odd model in excess of 20 kilos has been encountered. Large hard bodied lures or soft plastics have been the winning offerings. On the crabbing front, the muddies have been on fire slightly downstream from where the better numbers are usually found, which is not unusual after a flood.

Offshore reports have been terrific although this weekend does not look encouraging from a weather perspective. Snapper numbers have been consistent close in with the reefs south of Port holding reasonable numbers of fish. On the inshore pelagic front. Both Spanish and spotted mackerel have been taken in Barries Bay as well as off Lake Cathie, along with the odd cobia, long tail tuna and plenty of mac tuna. Wider out, before the current picked good numbers of pearl perch were taken off Plomer, along with a sprinkling of teraglin, mulloway and Sampson fish. Wider again, the FAD is worth a visit for mahi mahi, while marlin numbers remain well worth chasing.

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