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Report 11/8/17

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:13 pm
by subeditor
This past week has seen the local angling scene somewhat like what the weather can be this month, ie a bit hot and cold. August is one of those months not generally associated with red hot angling, however there are plenty of opportunities should you wish to pursue them. You just may have to work a bit harder than during the peak winter periods, however there are rewards to be had for those willing to put in the effort.

In the estuary, blackfish numbers have been a little subdued although you will manage a feed from either break wall if you put in the time. For those keen to snare a few bream, the break walls after dark remain productive, as too the lower part of Limeburners. If we don’t receive any major rain events over the next week or two, I expect the bream haunts further upstream to start producing well. Also in estuaries, flathead remain a viable option of both lures and baits, whilst a few reasonable school mulloway have been taken up around the highway bridges and in the Maria on soft plastics and soft vibes. We are still hearing reports of both blue swimmers and mud crabs remaining active, so if you haven’t had you fill already this year, deploying your traps and witches hats remains a viable proposition.

Off the beaches, bream numbers remain excellent with most stretches of sand worth a look. Tailor numbers also remain reasonable, with Lighthouse the pick of locations in the Hastings. School mulloway numbers were down a little this moon phase although a few reasonable fish were taken from North Beach and the southern section of Lighthouse.

Off the rocks, despite many of the preferred locations a little sanded up, drummer remain worth chasing. Reports from divers also indicate there are solid numbers just a little wider, so it would appear all we need is decent blow and resultant big sea to bring them in to where they can be targeted by shore based anglers. Tailor numbers remain consistent with Lighthouse locally faring best, whilst encouraging reports of good quality greenbacks have also filtered in from those fishing after dark at Hat Head, SWR and Crescent Head. Still a few reasonable bream around, with the early morning high tide your best bet. If the seas remain calm for any extended period, now is prime time to drop a crab off any of our deeper ledges in search of a few arm stretching groper.

Offshore, snapper reports are improving as expected at this time of year. Good results have been achieved by those fishing the bottom in the 45 to 70 meter range, with both baits and lures proving effective. Those fishing baits have also been scoring some terrific pearl perch as well as a few teraglin and other mixed reef species. Leather jackets remain a either a concern, or viable target on the wider reefs depending upon your perspective.

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