Report 23/3/18

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Report 23/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:21 pm

Estuary: Up until Wednesday the estuary was a beautiful place to fish with Flathead, Bream and Whiting were aplenty and eager to eat just about any offering! Now however, we have had a huge amount of rainfall and the estuary is experiencing a huge flush of freshwater runoff. Unfortunately, this type of weather event will ultimately shut down a large proportion of the fishery, however Bream, Flathead and Mulloway can all fire up and be targeted during a fresh. The key to fishing the estuary under these conditions is figuring out what water is where! If you can find pockets of saltwater you will find plenty of hungry Bream and Flathead, good spots to consider are those areas which are well away from the major tributaries, these areas shouldn’t see too much runoff and should stay fairly favourable for most fish species. Areas such as Green Point, Pipers Bay, Lani’s etc. Mulloway fishing and floodwaters are a match made in heaven. As the big push of freshwater makes its way down through the system it flushes out loads of small fish, prawns, crabs and all sorts of other critters. Good old Mr.Mulloway likes to perch himself (or herself) smack bang in the middle of the breakwalls and consume anything he can! This is the time to be casting large soft plastics, hard bodies, swimbaits or even poppers off the breakwalls.

Beach and Rock: Similar to the above, the beach fishing up until Tuesday had been fairly consistent. Most reports were made up of Bream, Whiting and the odd Flathead. Tailor were still about in fairly good numbers and so were Mulloway. With the freshwater and big seas that we have about at the moment we will just have to wait and see how the beaches look on the other side. South Easterly winds and lumpy seas have made for very tough rock fishing conditions. While the game side of things will be put on the backburner until things settle down a bit, these are perfect conditions for chasing big Black Drummer. As long as your chosen spot is safe to fish, a lightly weighted chunk of Cunjevoi or Crab tossed into the wash is sure to get obliterated!

Offshore: Obviously the offshore scene has been a write off since Tuesday afternoon. Those that managed to fish up until then though were having an absolute blast. The reef fishing had been really good with bags being dominated by big Teraglin and some really nice Snapper. Black Marlin were still about in huge numbers and had been seen free-jumping on just about all of the inshore reefs. Mulloway were beinig caught very consistently using live baits on the same reefs and a slow-trolled Slimey Mackerel with a bit of wire leader was a sure way to run into a Mackerel or two. Once this swell eases, I would say we will have an awesome Snapper bite up in the shallows as they feed on all the goodies that have been dislodged by the waves and flushed out of the rivers by the fresh water. We will have to wait and see what kind of water quality we are left with after the weather passes to see if any of the pelagic species are still about, the charts look pretty good so fingers and toes are all crossed!

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