Report 30/3/18

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Report 30/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:40 pm

Estuary: Poor old Wallis Lake saw a massive amount of freshwater runoff earlier in the week, at the bottom of the tide it is still running fairly fresh. While this coffee coloured water looks far from appealing to us, the good news is that a lot of the fish that live in it don’t seem to mind too much. Flathead and Bream have remained pretty consistent throughout the run-off event, the key has been to simply fish out of the main channels where the water has remained fairly salty. Breckenridge Channel is the perfect example and has fished very well for Flathead all week. From Tuesday on, with the easing of the run-off, the mouth of the estuary has been alive with activity with plenty of Bream, Tailor and the odd Mulloway getting about. As the tide pushes its way in, the water in the lake is now fairly clear toward the high tide so it won’t be long for those lovely summer Whiting to get active again.

Beach and Rock: While there is a fair amount of dirty water up and down the coast at the moment, there are some very nice, clear patches about which are producing some great fish. All of the beaches are fishing really good for Bream and Whiting, the key is just finding those gutters which are full of clean, weed-free water. The same gutters will hold some nice Tailor on first light and possibly the odd Mulloway of a night as we move over this phase of the moon. The rocks to the south didn’t take long at all to bounce back. With offshore water temps sitting at 23-24 degrees and loads of bait around, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of Mack and Longtail Tuna about.

Offshore: Offshore fishing efforts were somewhat hindered earlier in the week with big seas and choppy conditions. However, once things settled, those that ventured out were greeted by some unreal fishing. With some fairly strong currents running out wide, boats were forced to try their luck a little closer in and had no trouble at all in finding the Snapper and Teraglin. Snapper are also on the bite in the real shallow stuff for those wishing to toss a few soft plastics about, I would say these fish will go very quiet from tomorrow though as we see the full moon passing through. The latest weather event was a fairly serious one and it definitely had a significant impact on the inshore water quality. Local anglers were a little worried about what impact it was going to have on the pelagic species that we all love to chase at this time of year. The good news is that while the water is filthy dirty, the temperature is good and the bait is still there. This in turn means that the warm water predators too have decided to stick around. Spotted and Spanish Mackerel are on the top of most lists at the moment and they are actually biting better now in the dirty water than they were before.

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