Report 20/7/18

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Report 20/7/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:16 pm

Estuary: Wallis Lake just keeps on keeping on! Bream continue to hang about in really good numbers and it appears that they have not yet spawned so they should hold where they are for another couple of weeks. Most fish have been caught around the break walls and the bridge using a huge variety of techniques and baits. The top of the tide seems to be the best time to target them, if you can fish the last two hours of the run in you are almost bound to catch a few fish. Flathead can still be targeted very successfully, despite the cool weather. While the majority of the Flathead action tends to be further up into the tributaries that flow into the ‘Lake’ itself, don’t discount the shallow sand and mud flats. Shallow areas around places such as ‘the Cut’ and ‘Native Dog Island’ have been proving very fishy as the Flathead will often move up into the shallower water to ‘sunbake’ and warm up! The Luderick season continues to tick along in spots and spurts, the only reliable spot to target them consistently seems to be Forster break wall. Big schools of Tailor and Salmon continue to move in and out of the estuary and provide great sport fishing for those wishing to track them down, unfortunately they are not immune to commercial netting and the school that you may have fun playing with one day is more than likely to be gone the next.

Beach and Rock: The local beaches have been fishing ok over the past week. There are still a lot of Tailor about, however finding them feeding is a bit tricky! They seem to be biting exceptionally well of a morning and then seem to be almost non-existent in the evenings. Australian Salmon continue to hang about and make for great fun on the light spin gear. They are very hard to beat as a light tackle sport fish. Mulloway have been a little quiet (or those catching them have just been extra cagey!), I did have a report from one angler that had a couple of nights in a row on them and he reported that they didn’t get any big fish with the biggest only going 10kg. The local rock ledges are now in full winter mode. Drummer, Bream, Luderick and Groper are the targets and all have been fishing fairly well.

Offshore: This weeks’ offshore report could be a copy and paste job from last weeks’ report as the fishing has continued to be very productive for most. The slightly deeper 40-70m reefs have been the better option for those chasing Snapper, Pearl Perch and Teraglin, the reefs to the south in particular proving to be very fruitful. The shallower ground has delivered some really good quality Snapper however they are fairly hit and miss on most inshore reefs. On the opposite end of the scale, the deep drop brigade has had another week of fairly favourable conditions which has seen a lot of nice Bar Cod coming in. With more and more boats venturing wide, please stick to your bag limits and only keep what you need, even an 8kg Bar Cod has enough flesh on it to feed most families and all of your friends!!!
Have a great weekend!

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