Report 8/2/19

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Report 8/2/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:23 pm

Estuary: The estuary fishing has been at its summery best over the past week here in the beautiful Great Lakes. Flathead have well and truly cemented themselves as the main focus for most fishermen and for good reason as they are about in huge numbers throughout the lower sections of the system. All week I have heard story after story of unbelievable fish-a-cast type flatty sessions where anglers have managed to find a school of hungry fish eager to smash just about any artificial offering. If quality is more appealing to you than quantity, now is also the very best time of the year to chase that elusive ‘fish of a lifetime’ meter Flathead. One of the most effective ways to target these big fish is to hunt them in the shallows throwing big, lightly weighted soft plastics. Lures such as the ProLure Prey Minnow are deadly when rigged on an unweighted (or lightly weighted) worm hook with a trailing treble or stinger slipped into the second half of the lure. This technique won’t produce 100 fish in a day but the handful of fish you manage to raise with it will mostly be quality fish of 60cm or more.

The same shallows are nice and warm at this time of the year and the resident Whiting are fired up and ready to chase down any of the millions of prawns that may stray too close. With the fish so focused on the surface, searching for prawns it’s should come as no surprise that surface lures are on at the moment and most casts over any shallow water should gain the attention of more than a few fish. Bream are nice and active throughout most parts of the system now. The breakwalls are holding loads of really well conditioned fish, in a short session last Friday we managed to catch a handful of fish as bycatch while we were chasing Mulloway, to give you an idea of how big they were, all of the fish were caught on 4/0 and 6/0 hooks! The weedbeds in the southern half of the system nearly always hold Bream and right now the flats are loaded with fish. Most are only small (up to 30cm) but there are a few good fish of around 1kg among them.

Beach and Rock: With ocean temperatures on the rise, it’s no surprise that the beaches have all started to fish really well this week. Whiting have returned to most gutters and can be taken fairly easily using baits of Beach Worm, Pipi or even artificial worm soft plastics. Along with Whiting, you can also expect to get a few Bream, Flathead and Dart while the same gutters if fished on a nice rising or high tide of an evening may well produce the odd Mulloway. The local stones have been a little slower to improve, while there is plenty of bait around and some okay looking water, the predators that patrol our coastline at this time of year just haven’t shown up yet. At best you may find the odd Bonito, small Kingfish or Mack Tuna. However, if the water quality continues to improve it will only be a matter of days before the first game fish start to hit the rocks.

Offshore: The first half of this past week was pretty tough for the offshore brigade as NE winds continued to belt the coastline. However, the second half of the week has been an absolute delight at sea and just about every boat that has ventured out has had a blast! Snapper have been caught all over the place; shallow, deep, way up north, way down south and everywhere in between. Most of the bigger fish have been caught on reefs from 10-40m with Dennis Shoals being a bit of a standout spot for big fish this week. However, bigger numbers of fish have been caught on the deeper reefs in 60-80m of water, many boats ‘bagging out’ with no trouble at all. One of the boats that managed to catch their bag of ‘Reds’ caught all their fish in 70m using nothing other than ‘octojigs’ and slow pitch jigs. Pearl Perch and Teraglin have remained good on most of the deeper reefs however the Trag have only been feeding under the cover of darkness so you will have to fish well into the evening or get up a little earlier if you want a feed of these little beauties. The Pelagic fishery is teetering on a knife edge. The water quality is getting better by the day and the bait schools are numerous so it’s only a matter of time before things erupt. With most water sitting between 20-22 degrees Black Marlin will be about this weekend and possibly even the odd Mackerel or Cobia.

The fishing is unreal at the moment so get out there and have a great weekend!

Luke Austin.
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