Report 4/4/19

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Report 4/4/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:02 am

Estuary: This weeks’ weather has been a bit of a mixed bag, we have had some very nice rain earlier in the week followed by some perfect, sunny days with light winds. Fishing-wise things remain very good. In the estuary things are very consistent with some great catches of Flathead coming in this week. I don’t think I can remember a year where I have heard of so many big fish being caught and released, it’s very reassuring to hear that recreational fishermen, young and old, are really starting to see the value in looking after our Flathead stocks so that there will be plenty of fish for our future generations. Sand Whiting are still very active up on the flats down around Lani’s and Wallis Island, targeting them is really easy using small surface lures or fresh worms, Pipi’s or Prawns. There is a lot of big Bream already moving about in the lower sections of the estuary, over the coming months these fish will school up in huge numbers as they go through their yearly spawning routine. Seeing so many big fish this early in the season is very promising and should get a few anglers chomping at the bit to get out there and do battle with these brawlers!

This years’ Luderick season is off to an early start with a lot of quality fish already being taken from both break walls, Tuncurry rock wall in particular is holding a lot, however weed is a little difficult to find at the moment though so you may need to use cabbage weed or synthetic weed flies if you want to snag a few fish. Garfish and Mullet are very fun to target at this time of the year, they can be found in all areas of the estuary and fishing for them is dead easy. Both species love a good bit of burley, for me, I like to mix some stale bread with a bit of fish oil and a few drops of Ultrabite’. Once the burley starts to work you just need to use small hooks fished under a float baited with dough, peeled prawn, Maggots or even cotton wool!

Beach and Rock: With a bit of average weather and an accompanying southerly swell earlier in the week, the beaches have been a little unsettled this week. Having said that, plenty of anglers have hit the sand to try their luck and the results have not been too bad. Tailor are still about in good numbers with the better fish still coming off those beaches to the south. There have not been many Whiting caught off the beaches lately, instead, anglers fishing with worm and pipi baits have been finding some very nice Bream, Dart and the odd Flathead. Land Based Game fishing remains the focus for most rock fishermen and for good reason as there are still a lot of Longtail Tuna, Cobia, Mack Tuna and the odd Mackerel cruising about. There has been a huge amount of bait around this week, everywhere you look on the ocean you can see schools of Slimey Mackerel, Yellowtail Scad and Garfish. With food in abundance the fish have been a little difficult to catch. Those anglers that put in the hours will eventually be rewarded and hopefully will land their prize catch before one of the sharks destroy it! While you are on the stones playing the waiting game it may be worth tossing a few Squid Jigs about as the next couple of months are usually very productive and a bag full of Calamari is definitely better than nothing!

Offshore: As eluded to earlier, the weather has not been the kindest this week. Sea conditions have been very favourable in close but a little rough out wider for much of the week. Inshore fishing has been very productive though with some really nice Snapper haunting the shallows along with plenty of Longtail Tuna, Bonito and Mackerel. On the better days, sneaking out to the FAD is worth a shot as it is still holding a lot of Mahi Mahi up to 80cm. The deeper reefs are fishing fairly well for Teraglin, Pearl Perch and Snapper, and now that the current has eased out wide the Bar Cod chasers should be out in force over the next week or so.

Have a great weekend!

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