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Report 10/5/19

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 3:43 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Estuary: There is a definite chill in the air now as we edge closer and closer to Winter. For many estuary anglers this is a sign that it’s time to get the Bream and Blackfish kit together and start hitting the Oyster Leases and Rock Walls. On the Bream front, while there are a lot of fish already set to spawn sitting in the lower sections of the system, there is still some very good fish to be caught further up. We played host to a round of the ABT Bream Fishing Tournaments last Sunday and the winning bag of 4.05kg (for 5 fish) came from the weed beds in the southern end of the Lake. For those still clinging to Summer, all is not lost, there are still plenty of really nice Flathead and huge Whiting about. You won’t necessarily get the numbers that you do over the warmer months, however the fish that you do get are likely to be of a good size. There has been a lot of activity down around the mouth of the estuary this week with the Mullet run really kicking into gear (the local commercial guys netted about 80 tons of spawning fish over the weekend….), there have been some really nice Kingfish and loads of school Jew caught (and lost haha) not to mention the odd Tuna, Snapper and even Mangrove Jack!

Beach and Rock: Beach fishing has been a little hit and miss this week. There are still some nice little Tailor about on 9 Mile Beach, 7 Mile Beach and Cellito Beach however if you are not there right on dawn you probably won’t see may fish. Patches of Salmon are kicking about as well, particularly along 7 Mile Beach but you just need to be lucky to see them. Most gutters are still holding some great Bream and Dart, along with the odd Whiting. Now that the Mullet have started to ‘run’, you can expect to find some nice schools of Mulloway sitting on most of the bigger beaches (as long as they don’t get netted!). The rocks have been fishing pretty good this week. The water is still fairly warm, there’s tonnes of baitfish around, and there are definitely still plenty of Tuna and the odd Mackerel about, it is this time of the year that we start to see the really big Longtail Tuna getting caught. For those chasing a feed, the Drummer and Bream fishing has been great off the stones, the washes should only get better from now on as the water cools.

Offshore: Fishing offshore has been a little tricky this past week. We have had a fairly strong South/South-West weather pattern as well as some solid swell out wide which has meant that boats have been limited to fishing the inshore grounds. For those that see these weather events as an opportunity, things have been great with good Snapper, Tuna and Mackerel all on the cards. If you are keen to give the inshore reefs (under 25m or so deep) a shot you need to try to fish early or late in the day and where possible fish about a tide change. If you can get to a reef right on dawn in time for a high tide change you are almost bound to get some great fish! The reefs a little further out (40-60m) have been steady with most boats managing mixed bags of Snapper, Teraglin, Flathead and other bits and pieces. I don’t know of any boats that have ventures out any further than this over the past week due to the rough seas, hopefully things will calm again after this weekend and boats will be able to get out to the deep grounds yet again.

Have a great weekend!
Luke Austin.
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