Report 23/5/19

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Report 23/5/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 24, 2019 9:05 am

Estuary: Well I am very happy to report that not a lot has changed over the last week! The weather has been outstanding and the fishing has been fairly good. The super clear water and very calm days have made the Bream fishing a bit of a challenge, it can be so frustrating seeing hundreds of good-sized fish in the water but not being able to get a bite! Under these conditions, fishing early or late in the day will help a lot, as will trying to fish a little later in the run-out tide as the water colours a little.

You also need to ensure you bait or lure is presented in a way that is as natural as possible on the lightest line you can get away with, start with 4-6lb line and go up from there if you need to. The other option is to push further up into the estuary, there won’t be as many fish up there but the conditions will be much easier to fish. Fishing a little further up in the ‘big lake’ or in one of the rivers that feed into the main system should also see you getting among a few Flathead. The first third of the Wallamba has been fishing very well, particularly for those throwing soft vibes and soft plastics. This years’ Luderick season is shaping up to be a ripper, the majority of the fish are yet to move into the estuary itself, there are big schools of fish sitting just outside of both breakwalls and with the next bit of rough weather they should all move in and settle down.

Beach and Rock: The local beaches have been a little flat this week, there are still a few fish being caught but nowhere near as many as there has been over the last month or so. Tailor and Salmon are still about in good numbers but getting them to bite in such clear, calm water has been a real challenge. Those anglers that have succeeded in snagging a few have been on the sand very early and have been willing to travel in order to find the fish. There are some great Bream still sitting in most gutters and they can be your ‘get of gaol free card’ when the Tailor are being difficult! While a lot of the pelagic action has slowed up along our coast, it’s still worth having a go off the rocks as there are still a few lingering Tuna and Cobia as well as some very nice Kingfish to be caught. The weather has really been too nice and calm to do too much else, the next bit of rough stuff we get should be fantastic for chasing a few Drummer and Bream.

Offshore: The past week has been awesome for heading offshore. Reports have been a little hit and miss which can often be the case following a full moon. Snapper have been fishing fairly well on the shallow reefs, not as plentiful as they were prior to the moon but most boats are still managing to get some good fish. Interestingly, nearly every report this week from those reefs in 10-20m included more than a few ‘bite offs’ (one boat managed to land two Spotted Mackerel), so it would seem that there still may be a few Mackerel sneaking about. Mulloway and Kingfish have been holding in good numbers on the inshore reefs as well which can make for some exciting fishing on the Snapper gear. There are still good numbers of Mahi Mahi about which can be an easy way to get a feed, they truly are the perfect table fish; the taste great and have a really fast growth rate so there is very little risk of us overfishing them.

Have a great weekend!
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