Report 7/6/19

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Report 7/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:36 pm

Estuary: This week has been fairly wild and woolly with very cool temperatures, strong winds and bucketing rain! On the fishing front there has been loads of options if you are happy to rug up and pop a jacket on. Having fished the break wall each morning this week, I can safely say that the Bream have now schooled up in huge numbers. Fishing about a tide change is key and on the top of the tide you can actually sight cast to the schooling fish which almost makes things a bit too easy! Most fish seem to be 30-35cm but there are some absolute brutes among them which on 4lb line have thus far been unstoppable this year. Schooled up with the Bream are loads of Big Eye Trevally and the odd Tailor to 30cm or so, these guys can be a little annoying at times but in reality they are great fun on the light gear, they fight hard for their size.

There are still some really good Flathead hanging about the bottom of the system as well, I have seen 3 fish between about 70cm and 1m laying up tight along the rock walls this week. If you’re not interested in chasing that trophy fish but would prefer a good feed of Flatty tails, focus your efforts on the Wallamba River or the drop offs and holes down around Coomba Park. If you have a good sounder, just sound around the holes for bait and the Flathead shouldn’t be far. Luderick are still milling about the front of the rock walls in big numbers but they have not come in too much further yet, hopefully this bit of bad weather will have pushed them in a little further, it should be a great season once they decide to settle. The local Kingfish have been very active this week, there are literally hundreds of them working the breakwalls and among the schools are some very big, very hard to beat fish. It’s also worth mentioning the number of Snapper that are coming off the breakwalls at the moment, floating lightly weighted Whitebait seems to be the secret and you can expect to get some nice fish to 4kg or so. It will be good to see how long they hang about once the water settles down.

Beach and Rock: Beach fishing has been a little tough this week due to the swell, however those that fished prior to the weather or that have managed to find some protected spots to fish have enjoyed a bit of success. Leading up to the big swell the Tailor decided to finally kick in, particularly down at 7 Mile Beach with some good catches of solid fish both morning and afternoon being caught over the weekend and Monday. As well as Tailor, there have been some very nice Bream cruising about the sand. One angler has been having a ball fishing off Burgess Beach of a morning using Whitebait and Mullet strips, he said he has never seen so many big Bream in one spot and that nearly every cast resulted in a good 35+cm fish!

On the rocks there isn’t too much to report. Prior to the swell picking up there was still the odd Tuna floating about, it will be interesting to see what happens once things settle down a bit. Now that the sea is easing anglers are starting to sneak out again and hit the washes in search of the big Black Drummer, Bream and Luderick that will gorging themselves on the dislodged morsels or Cunjevoi, Crabs, Molluscs and Cabbage Weed. I have already seen two very nice Drummer that were caught this morning so the weekend should be interesting.

Offshore: The offshore fishing remained very good right up until the swell and wind hit. Those reefs in 40-60m were fishing particularly well for Snapper, Trag and the odd Pearl Perch, I would imagine that will continue into winter. With a bit of luck this bit of swell we have just experienced will stir things up on the inshore grounds and the Snapper should be on the hunt once it all settles down. A boat fished shallow this morning and scored a couple of good fish, the bigger one going 3kg but they said it was really quiet apart from that, the water needs to settle a little more before things really start to heat up. With a very promising forecast on the cards for the next week or so, there should be loads of fish caught offshore so it should be interesting!

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