11/11/05 Weekly Report

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11/11/05 Weekly Report

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Nov 11, 2005 9:52 am

Offshore: Water temperatures in close continue to vary but out wide the warm currents are pushing hard from the north. The reefs fished well last weekend for some quality snapper. Local pro fishos tell me that small schools of bonito are starting to show up and with them usually comes some kingfish. Mahi mahi are yet to arrive in numbers.
Beaches: A few whiting are coming from the northern end of Tuncurry Beach, with reports also coming from Seal Rocks and Diamond Beach. Small bream have been a by-catch for those after whiting. Small tailor are around but are more often than not being caught off the rocks or accidentally in the estuary.
Rocks: Tailor as mentioned above.
Estuary: Just when I thought the mulloway had gone off the bite, the diehards on the breakwalls have again got amongst them. Big soft plastics continue to outfish baits. Whiting are now well established in the estuary. Flathead are of course the easy option with plenty of visitors to town catching their fare share. Lots of bream action coming from well up the rivers.
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Post by Guest » Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:39 am

11/11/05 - 13/11/05

Spearfishing Report.

Headed upto Forster On Friday morning for some spearin action. However there wasnt much around.

Went VIA Lakes Way and went for a dive around seal rocks, wasnt much around Except for about 5 eagle rays (didnt spear) nice size black drummer wasnt able to spear cause the gun wasnt loaded....
Couple of Luderick around but nothing to right home about.
Visabilty was arou around 5metres in some parts, however at times there was alot of red-weed.

Tryed spearing in the lake On saturday. Wasnt too bad i guess. Sore alot of flathead there int he lake. The biggest looking around the 70cm mark.
To quick to shoot. Visability in the lake was on aroun 3metres at parts before the lake turned the tied and it became a metre.

Try again around Seal Rocks on that sunday. And nothing around.... Got told to have a look around some light house....Near seal rocks. Going to go back up there this saturday cause my mate left his clothes in the dryer, in the apartment ehehe.

Let you no how i go..

Happy Spearin.

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