Weekly Report 7/3/08

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Weekly Report 7/3/08

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:57 pm

Offshore: Unbelievable! The weather for the next three or four days should be perfect, with light breezes and slight seas. Time to get out and take advantage of the fish that haven't been bothered too much by recreational anglers over the last three months. Boats of most descriptions should be able to safely get to Latitude Rock where plenty awaits. A small amount of berley will attract tailor, bonito, snapper some big bream and small kingfish. Putting a live bonito out under a balloon might snare you a cobia or one of the passing longtail tuna. Heading wider to the FAD will, of course, put you onto mahi mahi, but take some heavy gear as black marlin have been reported in the same area. Although there isn't much moon up at night, the trag have been chewing. Those highly skilled flathead drifters are complaining about green toads and the occasional leatherjacket pinching bait and rigs, the solution.....learn to fish for something else! Close reefs are also producing mulloway after dark.
Beaches: All indications are that we are looking down the barrel of the best beach fishing season for years. The quantity and quality of tailor and bream on the beaches is well up on average. Whiting are still to be found if you want to rig with worms or pipis but you'll have difficulty getting past the bream.
Rocks: The longtail tuna are here. As mentioned in previous weeks, bonito will give your live baits hell so use a small live bonito instead. Lots of reports of drummer, blackfish and bream are coming in from the usual spots. One angler using cunjevoi when fishing for drummer and bream told me that if he cast further out onto sand, huge whiting were taking his rig before he moved it back in closer to the rocks.
Estuary: Heaps of big bream are coming from the breakwalls and in particular around the base of the bridge after dark. The key to fishing the bridge is to get some live nippers in advance. Further up the lake around Bandicoot Island those after bream using bait are also doing well. It seems like everyone is now throwing surface lure for bream and whiting. These fish continue to co-operate but do yourself a favour and don't work an area for too long before trying elsewhere. A few old-timers who are new to the game are having difficulty shedding their bait fishing philosophy. They catch a fish in one spot and then sit there for another two hours working the same patch and can't understand why they don't get another! Still plenty of flathead around and the blue swimmer crabs seem more active than the muddies.
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