Weekly Report 31/12/08

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Weekly Report 31/12/08

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Oct 31, 2008 9:53 am

Offshore: Plenty of current from the north continues to bring warm water but as yet few fish. DPI has re-installed the FAD at in its usual location 32.13.211°S 152.40.680°E so it shouldn't be long before mahi mahi start to show. A few guys fishing broken reef just outside the sanctuary zone have reported a good bag of just legal snapper. Local pro fishos continue to fill their traps every day with those pesky leatherjackets, so if you intend to drift for flathead be prepared to lose a few rigs. A couple of boats have ventured to the shelf and while the marlin are yet to play on a regular basis, a deep drop for some bar cod has produced good results.
Beaches: Very quiet except for salmon. Most of my regular beach fishing customers have given up and decided to fish the estuary.
Rocks: A few reports from people fishing the Seal Rocks area indicate that a few bream, blackfish and drummer are still on offer.
Estuary: Some big mulloway have been hooked and lost off the breakwalls on baits and plastics. Blackfish are still schooling around the centre of the bridge. Flathead and whiting have been very active, no doubt due to the recent prawn run. Some crab activity is being reported. The estuary is by far and away the pick of the fishing at the moment.
Working in retail and dealing with the public can be interesting. Every now and then you get a request that leaves you dumbfounded, like this one. A couple of days ago a gentleman of about 65 asked me for ‘a bag of the small West Australian pilchards that they catch in Queensland'. I explained that this seemed somewhat contradictory, but informed him that I do have some nice WA pillies in the freezer that I could show him. He chose not to, but informed me that if I went to Ballina I could buy them as that's where he saw them some years back. As the conversation was going nowhere, and he obviously had no intention of purchasing anything but the desired item, I tactfully suggested that Ballina is a brief six-hour drive north of Forster/Tuncurry and if he started now he should make it by 5pm. He thanked me for my time and left.
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