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Weekly Report 6/2/09

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:25 pm
by Tony Zann
Offshore: Little has changed since last week with 25°+ water not far offshore but a puddle of cold water remains trapped against the coast. A local game boat pulled a nice 25kg wahoo from this warm water, which is always a welcome by-catch of marlin trolling despite the damage their mouth full of razor blades does to your skirted lures. Huge leatherjackets remain common and a worrying sign as they tend to eat everything else in the areas in which they school. The usual schools of bonito we expect at this time remain AWOL. Mahi mahi are to be found around trap buoys and the FAD, if you can find it.
Beaches: That cold water hugging the coast has seen the salmon back in reasonable numbers. Other than that, small whiting are the only other species being reported. The high tides this weekend are worth fishing for tailor. Plenty of small sharks are being hooked by those fishing after dark.
Estuary: Mulloway activity around the breakwalls remains slow despite divers telling me that the fish are there. They too are probably not enjoying the cold current. An ever-increasing number of bream are being reported in the lower and middle parts of the lake. Flathead are more active on the second half of the run-out tide when warmer water from the lake pushes out the cooler sea water. Whiting are still to be had but small fish dominate. Time to put the mud crab traps in as they are usually active just prior to the full moon. Flathead, of course, are everywhere.
Lloyd Campbell, Great Lakes Tackle 6554 9541