Weekly Report 22/11/13

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Weekly Report 22/11/13

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:13 pm

The main Tuncurry channel is again producing great catches of Mulloway, with a few reports of fish up to the 30lb mark. Soft plastics are the go if you want a big fish.

At night Tailor have been caught along the breakwall up to and beyond the bridge chasing small schools of baitfish. Flathead are starting to “thicken” up a bit more and can be caught on either soft plastics, hard bodies or the traditional drift with a whole whitebait or a strip of Mullet. The last week of good rainfall should really start to stir the lake up which will provide better results. Sand and Trumpter whiting can be found in the shallows near The Step or up under the wires at Tuncurry.

At this time of year we always get a few anglers boasting about how many whiting they can catch in a day. Some reports are “I got 45 fish today” or “I did alright this morning, might go back and get another 20 this arvo”. I am not sure how one person can physically eat 45 fish in one day, but these people must be able to as they keep going back day after day and get more! Some people don’t seem to care about leaving some fish for the future. Our industry is forever fighting Green groups about sustainable fishing, so behaviour like this only gives the Greens more ammunition against us. Here’s hoping more anglers will recognise the value of keeping only what they need for a feed.

Not many updates. Along most shores the common species such as Bream, Drummer and a few Blackfish are still around. A few guys from Newcastle staying up for a week told me that they got some good Groper down south last Sunday on cunjevoi.

Trag have been on the chew at night, along with some good Jewfish. Up north in 30m there are still plenty of Snapper to go around. The biggest problem at the moment is still the mutton birds hanging around boats. If someone finds a answer of how to discourage these pests, let me know! The CSIRO website is showing some nice warm water around out near the FAD which should start to produce some mahi mahi.

It’s been a quiet week, although I have heard that Bream and whiting are happy to take beachworms early morning or late in the afternoon. There are just legal Tailor down the back of Tiona.

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