Report 27/11/15

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Nicole Penfold
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Report 27/11/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:36 pm

Estuary: The main Tuncurry/Forster breakwall channel is again producing great catches of Mulloway, with the last week producing some nice legal fish around the 90cm mark. All fish have been caught using the old faithful Lunds Squid or for those that can get a few live Pike they will also get results. Rockwall spies have also told me that fisheries officers have been checking a few anglers out so please be mindful of your catch and sizes. Flathead are in outstanding numbers and can be caught on either soft plastics or the traditional drift with a whole whitebait ganged up on small hooks. Sand Whiting are in plague proportions down at Smiths Lake with fish exceeding 45cm being caught. Trumpter whiting can be found in the shallows near The Step plus up under the wires at Tuncurry.

Some anglers have been coming into our store boasting about how many Whiting they can catch in one day. Some reports are “I got 80 fillets today” or “I did alright this morning, might go back and get some more this arvo." I am not sure how one person can physically eat 80 fillets of fish in one day, but these people seem to be able to, as they go back the next day and get more! Unfortunately, this is the ugly side of recreational fishing. Guys and girls, please only take what you need. Leave some for future generations – your kids or grandkids! As a tackle industry we are every day fighting Green and Left political groups about sustainable fishing, trying to stop them bringing in more No take zones – behaviour like this will give them ammunition against us!

Rock: A few Bream still hanging around along with the odd Trevally being caught off McBrides Rocks. Second hand feedback I hear is that Kingfish have been spun off the rocks down near Seal Rocks.

Offshore: Good quality Flathead have been on the chew on the gravel happily taking Mullet strips for baits. Shane Crockett from Forster Sportsfishing Charters had a couple of outstanding days out wide with great catches of Bar Cod, Mahi Mahi, Kingfish. In close reefs are still producing nice snapper to the 3kg mark.

Beach: Tuncurry Beach is packed with Whiting up behind the tip. Ken and Rachel Nicholson got amongst these fish on Wednesday with a fish every cast. From all reports it was hard to find a undersize fish to throw back. Schools of Salmon are also in close and can be spun up on a metal or will take a pilchard.

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Re: Report 27/11/15

Post by sammy » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:16 pm

You're right about the people catching the whiting same faces every morning I go out most mornings and catch and release Flathead and have to find my way through the boats blocking the channel trouble is I don't think some of them know the difference between Trumpter and sand Whiting if it looks like a whiting it goes in the bag it's just a shame that there are still so many irresponsible people out fishing most of them old enough to know better
I think fisheries needs to start doing some surprise checks at the boat ramp

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Re: Report 27/11/15

Post by skullatinny » Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:01 pm

This whiting slaughter every year is really out of hand, i personally witnessed a boat on Mon. 30/11/2015 with 2 people in it, one a male & the other a female. The male was fishing & the female was knitting. When they arrived back at the Tuncurry boat ramp the knitting had been put away & a spare fishing rod was sitting in its holder near the female. I couldn't count the fish that came out of this boat but i swear it was closer to forty than it was twenty. The mind boggles!!!

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Re: Report 27/11/15

Post by Antonyb » Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:54 pm

I could not have said it any better myself!
It is such a shame to see so many irresponsible and greedy people that are absolutely hammering fish stocks in the area. I guarantee that they are the same people that sit back and whinge about tourists on their lake taking all the fish. Meanwhile, the tourists, most likely families that really only have the opportunity to fish in such beautiful locations once a year with their kids and spend some quality time gathering just enough to feed their family for the night before going home extremely happy.
I am so disheartened by some of the greedy people that I come across at the ramps on regular occasions with no regard for their lake, area or fish stocks.
Shame on you greedy and irresponsible people.
Limit what you keep not keep your limit!

The Arab
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Re: Report 27/11/15

Post by The Arab » Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:39 am

Dpi fisheries are camped up on a prime piece of real estate on corner there with more boats and equipment than navy lol! Why aren't they doing some patrols in this regard? ??? If I was in lake a few metres wrong side of spearfishing closure (spearfishing) I'm sure they'd turn up immediately, priorities guys! !! Go in to their office (if u lucky enough to find it open) and complain

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