Report 3/2/17

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Report 3/2/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:26 pm

Estuary: The Estuary fishing has continued to impress over the past week. Most anglers have been targeting Flathead and Whiting which at this time of year can be done just about anywhere! Flathead are responding really well to soft plastics along with drifted baits of Mullet Fillet or Whitebait. Trumpeter Whiting looked like they were slowing up for the year up until this week, this week has seen them return in huge numbers which has been great for the local bread and butter brigade. The Sand Whiting are still about in good numbers as well and can easily be fooled by your standard offerings of Beach Worms or Nippers. For those lure fanatics there is nothing better than working small surface lures over shallow sand flats hunting big Whiting.

Beaches: The local beaches continue to fish fairly good when the wind isn’t howling from the NE or the gutters clogged with red weed and kelp! The usual baits of Worms and Pipi’s are accounting for most captures consisting mainly of Dart, Whiting and Bream. Bigger Worm baits or slab baits are also finding some nice sized Mulloway with more reports filtering through every day!

Rocks: The local rock scene continues to fish really well. Bait and Bonito can be found just about anywhere. With this in mind it only makes sense that predatory species can be found wherever the bait is, you don’t necessarily need to venture out the more popular spots to find some good fishing. As the fishing gets better don’t forget those lesser fished areas, they are always worth a sneaky cast even if they aren’t one of the big name locations! The rocks can be a great place this time of year to set up camp for the day, this often means carrying loads of supplies – food, water, drinks etc, PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE ALL OF YOUR RUBBISH WITH YOU. There are a lot of passionate people out there who are fed up with cleaning up our local environment. If you can carry in a bottle full of drink you can definitely manage to carry it out empty!!! To those who return from every trip with a bucket full of rubbish, THANKYOU and hopefully one day you won’t have to!

Offshore: As I said last week, the offshore fishing continues to be fairly hit and miss. Not only has the weather been hard to work with, the fish seem to be fairly patchy. There are football fields of bait and Bonito out there which is great but we are still waiting for a proper run of the predatory species that feed on these guys. There have been some great Kingfish caught amongst the bait but apart from this and the odd small Black Marlin out a bit wider there hasn’t been a great deal of action. For the reef bashers there are some great Snapper around it’s just a matter of finding them, it seems two boats can fish the same patch of reef just days apart and one will catch fish while the other struggles. Anchoring up to burley and fish floaters seems to be working very well…

Have a lovely weekend.
Happy Fishing!
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