Report 24/2/17

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Report 24/2/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:28 pm

Estuary: Wallis Lake is a dream to fish this time of the year. The Flathead fishing is amazing at the moment, both bait and lures are producing fish. Fish are being caught throughout the estuary from the almost fresh upper reaches to the clear salty headwaters of the breakwall! Some huge fish have been caught (and released) during the week with two that I know of nudging that magic metre mark, both taken on bait. As far as soft plastics are concerned, the standouts this week have come from within the good old Squidgy range. 80-120mm Wrigglers in Bloodworm or Red Rum seem to be hard to beat. Reports of big Bream are slowly filtering through, mostly coming from the lower reaches of the system. This time of year the easiest way to fool one of the brutes is to float a lightly weighted bait along the break wall or even near one of the cleaning stations around town. Fishing surface lures over the tops of oyster trays or over the sand/weed flats is great fun this time of year; Bream, Whiting and Flathead all find it hard to resist a well presented surface lure worked through the shallow stuff on the top of the tide.

Beaches: This week we have enjoyed a bit of a break from the horrible NE winds that we have experienced over the past month or so. While it is still puffing away lightly its easing has given the beaches a chance to clear themselves of the weed that has choked them so bad. With the weed thinning out the fishing has improved considerably, Tailor have shown up in good numbers and are being caught off most beaches, particularly if there is a nice gutter present at the northern end of the beach. The same gutters will also produce some quality Whiting, Bream and Dart if you fish them with Beach Worms.

Rocks: Following on from last weeks’ report, the Snapper fishing from our local rock ledges continues to fire with fish coming from places that they shouldn’t on an almost daily basis! Without giving too much away all I will say is that you don’t necessarily have to travel far to find the fish….. There are also some quality Tailor coming from the stones at the moment with fish over 50cm being fairly common. The schools of Bonito and small Kingfish are still working the bait schools fairly hard with the odd big Kingfish and Cobia cruising amongst them. The Break Walls have been fishing well lately as well. The local Mulloway population seems to be of a bit better quality this season so far which has seen a lot of anglers and their equipment stretched to their limit!

Offshore: It’s been a great week for the bottom fishing brigade this week. With the wind easing considerably there has been a lot of boats heading out to take advantage of the fairer sea conditions. Snapper and Teraglin have been fairly prominent on most reef systems, even in fairly shallow water. By far the most productive method has been to anchor and send out a nice burley trail. Sometimes it may take 30 min or so but a constant trail of burley should see a good show of fish for those happy to wait. Drifting for Flathead is definitely worth a shot as well. While there are literally football fields of bait out there at the moment the pelagic scene is in a bit of a stall. The scene is set, the bait is there and it’s the right time of year for things to kick off but we are stuck with some fairly average water conditions. Unfortunately, until we escape the cool, green, dirty water that we have at the moment I can’t see things changing.

Happy Fishing!
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