Report 17/3/17

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Report 17/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:19 am

Estuary: It’s hard not to feel a little depressed given the weather. It feels as though we have had wind, rain and windy-rain every day for the last month! With the estuaries flowing fairly fresh most people don’t even consider fishing them. A few of us see these rain events as opportunities though, unless the river is in full flood, you can most certainly hit the water in search of some brackish beauties. Cloud cover and dirty water can make the fish feel much more comfortable than they would normally under clear conditions. The influx of freshwater can also flush loads of feed into the system such as earthworms and drowned flying insects. With these two facts in mind, fishermen hitting eddies where drains enter the river can expect to find a few hungry Bream and maybe even a Flathead or two. Hitting the sheltered flats up in the back end of Wallis Lake on a high tide during a ‘fresh’ can be a fun way to get amongst the Bream on surface lures also, I have had a few cracking little sessions using stickbaits over the shallows in water that resembled coffee (white with one I’m pretty sure!). Interestingly, I have heard some cracking reports during the week regarding Mud Crabs! This weather seems to have really fired them up, a couple of blokes targeting Blue Swimmers reported getting more Mud Crabs than Sand Crabs in their traps with two hitting the scales at 2.5kg. Another fisherman had a pic showing 15 Muddies in one trap, 12 females and 3 males, the males were kept for a feed and the girls were released to fight another day!

Beach and Rock: Beach and rock fishing has been all but impossible over the past week. Horrible winds and big seas have made conditions rather uncomfortable and unsafe. One angler fished from the stones at Jainey’s Corner last Sunday and was able to snag a few nice Tailor up around the 1kg mark but he said conditions were a little dodgy as he had to wait up to 10-15 minutes for lulls in the swell so he could fish safely! Given the fresh that is flowing out of Wallis Lake, the Breakwalls will be popular amongst fishermen over the weekend as they try to snare one of the mighty Mulloway that will surely be on the hunt given the amount of feed being flushed out! Large shad style soft plastics, hard bodies, large live baits or even fresh slab baits are all worth trying however you may struggle getting a bait to sit in the channel for long given the strong currents. If you do decide to venture out onto either of the breakwalls please be extremely cautious. The rocks can be a dangerous place in the most perfect of conditions; with the wind, rain and swell the way they are the rocks can be outright deadly!

Offshore: There were a few brave souls that ventured offshore last weekend. Last Saturday and Sunday have been the only two days all week that have been fishable! Reports were varied, demersal species seemed to be very patchy with only a few Snapper and Teraglin making it back to the cleaning tables, one boat tried to burley up a feed of Snapper for almost two hours only to return home empty handed! The boats that did the run out to the FAD fared much better with some great catches of Mahi Mahi, while most fish were only 60-70cm there was plenty there which made for some great fun. Unfortunately conditions aren’t looking too great as we head into next week, use this time to sort and restock your tackle boxes, check your gear and service your reels. Hopefully once the dust settles there will be nice clear, warm water out there teeming with fish!

Stay safe and dry.

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