Report 31/3/17

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Report 31/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:57 pm

Estuary: As we close out the month with yet another bout of poor weather I don’t think I am alone in being happy to wave goodbye to such a horrible month! We are fortunate here in the Great Lakes area in that for whatever reason our catchment can take a lot of rain before the estuary system becomes a write off. Right throughout the past 4 weeks of bad weather Wallis Lake has continued to fish really well. Obviously the fresher the water gets the further towards the ocean the fish tend to move, with that in mind it’s no surprise that the lower reaches of the system have been fishing the best. The Breakwalls, the bridge, Breckenridge Channel and the Paddock have all been popular for those targeting Bream and Flathead. Most Bream have been caught on lightly weighted baits or plastics fished into or along structure such as rock walls, oyster leases pylons etc; popular baits include Mullet Fillets, Mullet Gut, Bonito, Pilchards or the humble old Pilchard. Flathead also love strip baits and Pilchards, however soft plastics are by far the easiest and most productive method of tricking a few ‘lizards’. 3-4” soft plastics that are of a fairly natural or dark colour seem to be working the best at the moment, even in the tea coloured water. Interestingly, there have been some nice Luderick taken over the past week. The heavy rains will have cleaned all the local drain ways out and flushed algae out into the estuary, firing up the wily old Luderick.

Beaches: Unfortunately, we are set to experience some fairly solid swell along the coast over the next day or two. This will most probably leave the beaches unfishable yet again for most of the next week. Over the past week however, a lot of anglers hit the local sand in search of a few fish. Large Whiting have been fairly thick along 9 Mile Beach for those wishing to soak a few baits of Beach Worms or Pipi’s. You can also expect to find some nice Bream and Dart in the process. There have been some really nice Tailor caught off of nearly all the beaches over the past week. Most fish are of a good size between 30-50cm with some absolute brutes in between. Local angler Dave Brown of ‘Reel Wild Fishing’ managed to score an absolute horse of a fish that went 70cm, along with a few in the 50’s. Unfortunately, there have been no reports of Mulloway being taken from the beaches yet. Hopefully they are just holding amongst the inshore reefs getting ready to venture out onto the beaches!

Rocks: This week the local ledges have been a tough place to fish. While there are some quality fish about, there are also some massive ‘men in grey suits’ haunting the headlands! There have been reports of some huge Cobia and Kingfish cruising the coast and causing havoc intermittently. The true speedsters of the ocean, the Tuna species continue to hang about the rocks, not just at the better known spots either, it is important to remember that this time of the year where there is bait there will surely be predators not far away. It’s amazing how many good tuna have been hooked by guys throwing lures for Tailor, that’s not to say many have been landed though!

Offshore: Up until ex-cyclone ‘Debbie’ ruined the party the offshore fishing over the past week has been a blast! Those targeting the demersal species have not been disappointed with quality Teraglin and the odd Pearl Perch being taken from the reefs to the North. The Snapper fishing has been a little tricky, the best fish seem to be coming from the reefs to the south that sit in 50-60m, even still no large fish have been taken for a few weeks now. Water temps have been sitting between 22 and 24 degrees which means the toothy pelagic species have been on the hunt. The FAD has been fishing ok, no big Mahi Mahi but there are a lot there and they are great fun on the light gear. It’s a great time to be out in the ocean fishing, warm water and large amounts of bait means that just about anything is possible; Cobia, Marlin, Mackerel and large kingfish are all on the prowl right now. Just make sure you head out prepared, definitely take a roll of wire!

Make the most of what looks like it will be another fairly average weekend. My suggestions would be to go and chase a Tailor off Jainey’s Corner, or a Bream off of the Breakwall even!

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