Report 21/4/17

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Report 21/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:37 pm

Estuary: The Estuary systems of the beautiful Great Lakes area continue to fish really well. We have experienced some perfect weather over the past week and a huge number of people have made the most of it by spending their days on the water. Flathead continue to be the most sought after target and can be caught fairly easily drifting most baits on a simple running sinker rig or flicking some 3-4” soft plastics. The fish seem to be in great condition at the moment which is great for those anglers wishing to take a few for a feed. Bream continue to congregate in the lower reaches of the system as they prepare to spawn and this is great news for us fishermen! Lightly weighted strips of Mullet or pieces of Mullet Gut drifted along the breakwall is a sure fire way of scoring a few of these blue-nosed beasts. There have been some good reports of some nice early Luderick which is promising. They too are embarking on their annual spawning run so can be found in good numbers throughout the lower section of the estuary. Hopefully plenty will make it past the predators and fishing nets this year so that we can enjoy a good seasons’ fishing. On the crabbing scene the Mud Crabs seem to have tapered off a little this past week but the Blue Swimmers continue to power on with plenty coming in from the southern end of the lake towards Green Point.

Beaches: The light winds that we have been blessed with over the past week have been perfect for beach fishing. The Tailor fishing is in full swing now with plenty of fish being taken from the northern end of 9 Mile Beach, Blackhead Beach, 7 Mile Beach and Cellito Beach to the South. Most beaches should produce fish; the key is to fish those low light times of the day. With so much activity along the beaches it comes as no surprise that there have been a few Mulloway coming from the sand this past week. While they may not be big fish (70-90cm), they are taking a variety of baits which makes them a more realistic target, the humble old Pilchard even accounted for a couple that came from a gutter along 7 Mile Beach. Other bread and butter species are also fishing well, the Whiting have shown no signs of slowing so far and soaking a bit of Pipi or Beach Worm is a sure fire way of attracting their attention.

Rocks: Calm conditions, warm water and plenty of bait has meant that the local ledges have been hit fairly hard over the past week. The Tuna chasers have had a week of mixed results. The Mack Tuna are abundant and easily caught while their more sought after cousins, the Longtail Tuna, continue to cruise around and only show themselves occasionally. These fish are a true test of one’s patience and fishing ability. Throwing lures or soaking strip baits while waiting for a take on the live baits often produces some fine catches. This past week there has been some awesome by-catch including Snapper, Bream and even a 50cm Giant Trevally! Tailor continue to be caught in good numbers from the stones as well. Soaking Pillies or throwing metal lures about the wash during low-light periods is your best chance.

Offshore: The ocean has been a bit of a mixing pot over the past two weeks as far as water temperatures go. Last week the water temperature in close fell to 22 degrees and now this week it has gone back up to 24 or so. This has made it a little hard to pick what the fish are doing. There have still been a few Spanish and Spotted Mackerel being caught but the bites are very few and far between. The Bonito have returned in good numbers over the past week and by finding the schools of these fish you may then be lucky enough to find a monster Cobia or Kingfish. There have been some solid fish caught this week with three that I know of exceeding 25kg! The shallow reefs (up to 60m) have been fishing quite well for Snapper, Teraglin and Pearl Perch. There have also been some great Snapper taken on soft plastics from some really shallow water, Gulp Jerk Shads seem to be doing the damage, particularly in the ‘Nuked Pilchard’ colour. A couple of boats ventured out wider during the week and were greeted with fairly good conditions, not too much current and some great fishing. Bar Cod, big Pearl Perch, big Nannygai and a few Kingfish all made the distance travelled worthwhile.
This coming weekend is looking fairly good. Enjoy what is in my opinion the best time of the year to wet a line. Be it Flathead in the estuary or Striped Marlin at the continental shelf, happy fishing and good luck!

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