Report 28/4/17

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Report 28/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue May 09, 2017 12:52 pm

Estuary: The best part of the year for fishing has commenced. Even though the air has cooled a little the water remains nice and warm which is great news for the local Flathead fishermen. The good old ‘Flatties’ continue to fire and can be taken fairly easily using either bait or soft plastics. As far as bait goes it’s hard to go past a well presented Whitebait or Mullet strip, while the 3” Zman Minnowz seem to be the lure of choice. Large blue-nosed Bream are in abundance now and should remain so for the next couple of months as they complete their annual spawning run. A lightly weighted prawn, yabby or strip of fish flesh fished along one of the breakwalls or into one of the oyster leases is a sure fire way of tricking a few. For the more adventurous angler, hard bodied lures or soft plastics fished hard into or over the oyster leases is about the most fun you can have in Wallis Lake (expensive though haha). The Luderick fishing has begun to take shape already with a few keen fishermen testing the water. As can be expected, most fish at this time of the year are of a small size, however there seems to be enough legal sized fish amongst them to make up a bit of a feed.

Beaches: The beaches really come to life at this time of the year. The Mullet, Bream and Luderick spawning runs are in full swing and the predators that feed on them such as Mulloway and large Sharks are in hunt mode. The Tailor fishing has been great over the past few weeks and only seems to be getting better. Most beaches are producing fish at the moment with plenty of fish up around that 2kg mark. With the water temperature holding at 22-23 there are still a few Whiting along the beaches as well for those wishing to soak a bit of worm or Pipi.

Rocks: Fishing for ‘bread and butter’ species from the rocks really starts to take shape now. Tailor, Bream, Drummer and Luderick are all worthy targets at the moment. Some huge Tailor have been taken from the rocky outcrops and headlands to the south such as Elizabeth Beach, Booti Booti and Jainey’s Corner. While spinning with the traditional metal type lures works great, these larger models seem to respond a lot better to well-presented stick baits or shallow diving lures, the added benefit of these lures is that Mulloway will often smack them as well! The water continues to hold at a good temperature which is great for the LBG enthusiasts. Mack Tuna, Longtail Tuna, Cobia and Kingfish should continue to haunt the local ledges for another few weeks yet.

Offshore: Offshore fishing over the past week has been delightful. Light winds with a bit of westerly in them means the ocean has been fairly smooth and up until Thursday the temperatures have been warm. These great conditions have meant that a lot of boats have ventured out to try their luck. There are still a few pelagic species cruising about for those with a little patience. The Spotted and Spanish Mackerel are definitely still here but only seem to be biting on the tide changes. Outside of these peak bite times you will most likely only see Mack Tuna and Large Bonito. There are some solid Spanish mackerel about so be prepared to fish with at least 44lb wire and even then expect to lose a few rigs! There have been some fantastic Snapper caught from the wash areas over the past week on soft plastics which is a good sign. Fishing in shallow water (10-25m) using plastics or ‘floaters’ should yield some great results. Otherwise the deeper grounds (60-80m) seem to be fishing well for Teraglin, Pearl Perch and Snapper. The current out wide has eased considerably over the past two weeks so now is the perfect time of the year to sneak out wide for a look to see if you can find yourself some Bar Cod, XL Pearl Perch, deep water Kingfish or Gemfish.

This cool turn in the weather is far from comfortable for the fisherman, however it signifies the beginning of a great few months’ fishing. Put a few extra layers and a beanie on and get out there and enjoy it!

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