Report 12/5/17

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Report 12/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 12, 2017 10:40 pm

Estuary: Flathead continue to impress the estuary fishermen, the fish are fat and full of baitfish. The always popular Breckenridge Channel has produced a lot of fish this week, one local angler had a great little session where he almost got a fish every cast. The fish weren’t big, his biggest was 48cm but great fun on light spin gear. His lure of choice was a pearl white 3” Atomic Plazo Prong. Others have found plenty of fish simply drifting baits of Prawn, Mullet Fillet or Pilchard. The Bream fishing is great this time of year as well, there are some huge fish starting to populate the lower sections of the estuary. The fish are fat and in prime spawning condition. Bream are hungry at this time of the year and can be caught fairly easily on either bait or lure, concentrate your efforts about the breakwalls, oyster leases and flats in the bottom half of the lake. The Whiting fishing has really slowed now, there are still a few nice fish being caught using Worms and Yabbies fished fairly deep in the main channels of the lake. This years’ Luderick season is shaping up to be a beauty, already there are some really nice fish beginning to school up along the Breakwalls.

Beaches: We have been spoilt with some near perfect conditions over the past week as far as beach fishing goes. The beaches are packed with fish at the moment and fishermen have enjoyed mixed bags consisting of Tailor, Bream, Flathead, Whiting and the odd Mulloway. Walking the beaches at flicking metal lures into the gutters is great fun at the moment as there are some great quality Tailor and Salmon cruising the coastline. Tailor up to 50cm are fairly common and will hit just about any chrome lure that passes by their noses! Mulloway have been fairly hit and miss still which is frustrating, the best places to target them seem to be to the north. Blackhead, Diamond Beach and Old Bar Beach are all great options with fresh slabs of Tailor, Tailor heads, fresh Mullet, fresh Squid or Worms being the best baits.

Rocks: Right up until Thursday there were some solid reports of Longtail Tuna, Mack Tuna and Cobia coming from the local ledges. While the pelagic season is not fully over, as the water temperature continues to fall so too will the amount of warm water species being caught. There is always a certain number of stragglers who linger in the cooler water, often these fish are the bigger models and this alone is reason enough to not give up too soon! The best thing about the water temperature falling is that it opens up a myriad of other angling options. Bream fishing from the rocks is great fun and produces some fantastic fish. Big Bream patrol the wash areas looking for a cheap feed and at this time of year can be caught fairly easily using a lightly weighted bait of just about anything. My personal favourites are Cunjevoi, Crabs, Bonito, Bread and Pilchards. Alternatively, they can also be taken using light spin gear throwing small soft plastics. The advantage in using baits such as Cunjevoi and Crabs is that you will also encounter other (sometimes more desirable) species such as Black Drummer and Luderick. Tailor continue to be fairly thick right along the coastline at the moment. Most rock ledges will hold fish early in the morning or from about 4pm onwards in the afternoon.

Offshore: As the water temperature continues to fall the fishing offshore is beginning to heat up. Mackerel and Cobia are definitely still about and those that are patient enough will eventually be rewarded with some quality fish over 20kg. For most fishermen though their focus will shift over the next few weeks to the demersal species that we encounter locally. Snapper have finally begun to show themselves with some consistency. Fish have been caught from reefs as shallow as 8m and as deep as 160m! The next few months is by far the best time to target Snapper particularly in the shallower water using soft plastics or lightly weighted baits. The deep water enthusiasts have been enjoying the latest patch of weather, the wider grounds have been really productive over the past week with some great Bar Cod, Pearl Perch and Kingfish being caught.

Have a great weekend, get out there and enjoy what is by far the best time of the year to wet a line.

Happy Fishing!
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