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Report 26/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue May 30, 2017 2:05 pm

Estuary: While we have been blessed with some spectacular weather over the past week the seasons are definitely changing. There has been a noticeable chill in the air and getting out of bed is becoming increasingly harder! With this change in seasons comes a change on the fishing front also. As the water cools our focus in the estuary changes from Flathead and Whiting to Bream and Luderick. Flathead continue to fish fairly well even with the cooler water. In all honesty you can catch Flathead all year round, it’s just over these cooler months their metabolism slows quite a bit and their desire to feed slows with it. The key is to follow suit and slow your technique down with them, give the fish plenty of time to commit to your lures, if you prefer bait fishing, put the time in and gather some live or fresh local baits.

The local Bream population is growing every day at the moment and the fish are fairly hungry as they are really active getting ready to spawn, spawning or regathering strength after having spawned! Winter Bream are a fairly easy target for the bait fishermen out there, the key is to fish as light as possible and always make sure you have your hook well covered with just the very point of the hook exposed. Popular baits include Mullet, Pilchard, Whitebait, Prawn, Bonito, Chicken…….in fact just about anything you can get to stay on a hook is a viable Bream bait!

Beaches: The Beaches have been great this week. Nice healthy Bream have been in big numbers along our beaches and have filled the gaps in between the patchy Tailor schools. The Tailor are definitely about in good numbers it’s just a case of finding the fish. The beaches to the south and the northern end of 9 Mile seem to be the most productive areas. Celito Beach has been the stand out as far as quality goes with a lot of 50-60cm fish being caught by a few different anglers.

Not surprisingly, the same beaches have been the best option for those wishing to find a Mulloway or two. A freshly caught Tailor head or fillet is one of the best baits going for Mulloway and has been proving itself this week with some nice 70-100cm fish being caught down south. One angler was lucky enough to catch a 80cm fish while fishing for Bream using a strip of Mullet, his son was next to him with a Tailor head out… not a happy son!

Rocks: This nice stable weather we have been experiencing has been great for the Land Based Game enthusiasts. The water temperature is definitely on the decline but there are still some cracking game fish around. This past week saw a few Cobia up to 30kg grace the local ledges along with the odd Longtail Tuna and Mack Tuna. One angler that fished yesterday even got to see a Marlin take a fellow fisherman’s live Garfish!

A lot of fishermen have now shifted their focus to Bream, Drummer and Luderick and the results are definitely there. Drummer have been fishing well for those able to find a bit of a hole with a bit of wash. The local Luderick fishermen have had mixed results off the stones this week, some have reported good numbers of big fish while others fishing the same areas on different days haven’t even been able to get a down!

Offshore: The fishing offshore has really started to fire over the past week. Snapper numbers are steadily building on the inshore reefs and most anglers concentrating their efforts on areas no deeper than 30m are finding the fish easy enough. Now is a great time to start chasing fish in these shallow areas on lures such as soft plastics, micro jigs, vibes or even spinnerbaits! Alternatively, you can also anchor up, feed out a burly trail and fish baits. One report during the week was from an angler who anchored up in 23m of water and fished floating baits, in a little under 2hrs he managed to boat 12 Snapper, the biggest of which went 5kg.

The deeper inshore reefs out to 80m are fairly active with a lot of legal Snapper and some big Teraglin. Some of the better ledges in this 70-80m are also holding Kingfish on certain days. They are not always in the same spot but if you manage to find them they are of a good size, most being between 8kg and 15kg.

There is still some nice clean water once you get out beyond 60m in depth and the FAD is still holding some nice Mahi Mahi. Even though the water is clean it has dropped a little in temp and this seems to have made these fish fairly hard to trick, I had two reports during the week from anglers who tried everything to get a bite and left empty handed!

Happy Fishing!
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