Report 9/6/17

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Report 9/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:29 pm

Estuary: The past week has been very typical of June. Cold, wet and windy. Even though this has made for miserable fishing conditions, the estuary has been alive with activity. There is a huge number of Bream infesting the lower sections of the lake. A lot of anglers have been commenting that they are struggling to get past the small/just legal fish however those in the know have been nailing more than a few fish well into the 40+cm’s. The largest reported from the Tuncurry breakwall so far measured just over 47cm’s and it was taken on a strip of fresh Tailor. Bream are a very wise adversary, a lot of the time those anglers who are encountering small fish are either fishing too heavy (in both line weight and sinker size) or not hiding the hook enough in their bait presentation. The very best way to fool a Bream is to fish with a fluorocarbon leader of 8-12lb with no sinker at all and simply float you bait down through the water column with your reel in free spool. Once you get a hit, let the fish run with the bait a little before you engage your reel and then wind like anything once you are hooked up! The Luderick have well and truly moved in also and they seem to be of a good size. The breakwalls are fishing ok, however fishing the bridge or oyster leases from a boat will put you on the best patches of fish.
Beaches: For most of the week the local beaches have been calmer than the estuary! The beaches have been fishing similar to last week. A good number of nice Bream are still along our coastline and can be taken on just about any bait imaginable! With the nice flat conditions, local lure fishermen have also been nailing a few Bream by walking the beaches casting small soft plastics and Cranka crabs. Good fun on the light gear. Tailor are another option for the lure fishermen, they seem to be the thickest down on 7 Mile Beach at the moment however with such calm conditions it’s not hard to spot schools along all of the local beaches. I am happy to report that there have been a few cracking Mulloway caught over the past week. The biggest of which weighed in at 19kg with a few between 8 and 15kg.

Rocks: These cold, stormy conditions are perfect for getting out onto our local rock ledges. For most it’s a matter of finding a nice hole with a good bit of wash and targeting big Bream and Drummer. Others will fish similar water with metal lures or Pilchards looking for Tailor. For some though this is prime Mulloway time. Big soft plastics or hard bodies worked through the same areas (not necessarily holes though) during the low light hours will give you every chance of hooking into one of these mysterious silver ghosts.

Offshore: Despite the less than favourable conditions there is still some great fishing to be had offshore. The wider grounds have been all but unfishable for most of the week due to the rough conditions, however the inshore reefs to 35/40m have been on fire. Snapper are about in huge numbers and can be caught on just about any patch of reef from the shoreline out to 25m. Light gear and soft plastics are a great way to sport fish for them and its surprising just how many fish you can find and how big a fish you can land on what is essentially Bream gear! For a more relaxing approach simply identify a patch of bait or fish on your sounder and drop the anchor, start a bit of a burley trail and then fish lightly weighted baits or soft plastics into the burley. Another inshore option this time of year is to chase a few Southern Calamari. The technique is simple, find shallow reefs covered in Kelp and float over them tossing Squid lures. High tide is the best for this as the Squid are a very visual predator and appreciate the clear water. Just make sure that your jig is getting deep enough before you start your retrieve, fish deep and slow!
This weekend is unfortunately looking pretty grim as far as the weather goes. While it might not be the most comfortable weekend to fish there are some great options on offer. Throw on a few layers and a raincoat and get out there and enjoy it!

Happy Fishing!
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